Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Level 1

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You may want to make information available on the Internet. To achieve this, you need to create a website. In this course, you will design, build, and upload a website using Dreamweaver.

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To ensure the successful completion of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Level 1, the student should have an understanding of how to use Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems.
Getting Started with Dreamweaver :
Examine the Basic Concepts of Web Designing
Explore the Dreamweaver Environment
Customize the Workspace
Getting Started with Dreamweaver :
Define a Website
Create a Web Page
Format a Web Page
Organize Files and Folders
Create Templates
Adding Design Elements to Web Pages :
Insert Images
Insert Tables
Create Repeating Region Templates
Working with Links :
Create Hyperlinks
Create Email Links
Create Image Maps
Create Anchors
Working with Frames :
Create Framesets
Enhance Frames
Uploading a Website :
Ensure Accessibility
Upload Files onto a Site