Adobe Captivate 4

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You are familiar with a certain software application and now want to create a computer-based training program to share your knowledge of that application`s features with others. Adobe Captivate 4 is a tool that automates the creation of software training materials and transforms your on-screen actions and usage tips into a software simulation from which others can learn. In this course, you will use Adobe Captivate 4 to develop demonstrations and interactive simulations of software applications.
Before taking this course, paticipants should be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and basic computer terminologies.
Exploring the Adobe Captivate 4 Environment:
Explore the Captivate Interface
Customize the Captivate Interface
Creating a Project:
Record a Project
Modify a Project
Insert Images
Insert Animations
Updating a Project:
Insert Additional Slides
Insert Objects
Record Audio
Modify Audio
Adding Quizzes:
Insert Question Slides
Create a Question Pool
Evaluate User Performance
Publishing a Project:
Prepare to Publish Projects
Publish Projects
Organizing Projects:
Create Aggregator Projects
Publish Aggregator Projects