Adobe Animate Creative Cloud (CC)

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This Adobe Animate training class is for people new to Animate (formerly Adobe Flash). After getting to know the Animate CC interface, you will learn to use the drawing tools and to create graphic and button symbols and cool Animate animations
Get comfortable with the Animate CC user interface.
Learn to work with Animate's drawing tools.
Learn to work with Graphic Symbols and the Library.
Learn to create basic and advanced animations in Animate.
Learn to use Button Symbols in Animate.
Getting Started :
Starting Animate and Opening a File
Getting to Know the Work Area
Creating a New Document
Using Workspaces
Moving Panels
Changing Workspaces
Opening Existing Files
Using the Properties Panel
Previewing Your Movie
Publishing Your Movie
Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts
Exercise: Previewing Your Movie
Working with Drawing Tools :
Drawing in Animate
Using the Tools Panel
Using the Drawing Tools
Using the Animate Drawing Tools to Create Shapes
Using Additional Tools
Exercise: Use the Drawing Tools to Create a Logo
Graphic Symbols and the Library :
Working with the Library Panel
About Symbols
Creating Symbols
Editing and Managing Symbols
Duplicating Symbols
Swapping Symbols
Changing the Size and Position of Instances
Changing the Color Effect of Instances
Create Graphic Symbols
Exercise: Create Graphic Symbols for a Banner Ad
Import to Stage / Import to Library
Open Another Document's Library / Sharing
Importing Illustrator Files
Importing Photoshop Files
Exercise: Create Graphic Symbols
Basic Animation :
Understanding the Timeline
Organizing Layers in a Timeline
About Animation
Frame-by-Frame Animation
Adding Frames, Keyframes, and Blank Keyframes
Animating Position: Frame-by-Frame Animation
Changing the Pacing and Timing
Animating Transparency
Previewing the Animation
Animation with a Motion Tween
Exercise: Use Motion Tween to Animate Airplane
Using Timelines to Create Movie Structure
Understanding Our Project File
Exercise: Build Site Structure on Timeline
More with Animation
Exercise: Improving Motion Tweens with Easing and Motion Presets
Advanced Animation :
Copy and Paste Motion
Creating Motion Presets
Create Photo Gallery using Motion Presets
Creating Masks
Animating Masks
Morphing with Shape Tweens
Using Shape Hints
Motion with Inverse Kinematics
Constraining Joints
Inverse Kinematics
Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
Button Symbols :
Creating Button Symbols
Text-Only Buttons (Using the Hit State)
Animated Buttons
Exercise: Adding Buttons to the Web Site
Using Sounds
Movie Clip Symbols :
Creating Movie Clip Symbols
Movie Clip Symbols vs. Graphic Symbols
Using a Movie Clip to Store Animation
Nesting Symbols
Exercise: Creating Movie Clips
Code Snippets in a Movie Clip
Exercise: Using Code to Stop the Website
Publishing Animate Documents:
Testing a Animate Document
Publish Settings
Exercise: Publishing