Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Advanced

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Whether you are creating PDFs for commercial printing or for viewing digital versions on a range of platforms, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC enables you to output your content so your audience will be able to access and view the document just the way you intended. In this course, you will use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert technical documents to PDF files, enhance PDF documents, create interactive PDF forms, and prepare PDF files for commercial printing.
To ensure your success in your course you should be comfortable using the basic features of Acrobat Pro DC. Additionally, you should be proficient in using the Windows® 8 operating system to perform work-related computing tasks. You can obtain this level of skill and knowledge by taking the following course:
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro DC
Course Objectives:
In this course you will create and manage PDF documents.

You will:
Customize the Acrobat Pro DC workspace.
Create PDFs from technical documents.
Enhance PDF documents.
Create interactive PDF forms.
Finalize PDF files for commercial printing.
Customizing the Acrobat Pro DC Workspace :
Customize the Toolbars
Create Custom Tool Sets
Creating PDFs from Technical Documents:
Create PDF Documents by Using Autodesk AutoCAD
Measure Technical Drawings
Enhancing PDF Documents :
Embed Multimedia
Enhance PDF Document Accessibility
Use Actions
Manage the Security of PDF Documents
Creating Interactive PDF Forms :
Create a PDF Form
Compile and Manage PDF Form Data
Finalizing PDF Files for Commercial Printing :
Apply Color Management Settings
Preview Printed Effects
Perform Preflight on a PDF Document
Create PDF/X, PDF/A, and PDF/E Compliant Files
Create a Composite and Color Separations
Export a PDF Document to Other Formats