Active Server Pages (ASP) Training: Level 2

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Students will build on the knowledge gained in ASP Level 1 to further explore the benefits of using ASP technology to create dynamic, data-driven Web sites.
Participants should have HTML knowledge and ideally VBScript or JavaScript. They should have completed the ASP Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.
An ASP Guestbook and Simple Chat Application:
The world of active server pages and general development issues<BR>The ASP guestbook<BR>The ASP chatroom<BR>
Site Personalisation with CSS and ASP:
Multiple style sheets with ASP<BR>Dynamic personalised CSS<BR>
An ASP Web Poll:
Developing a web poll<BR>ASP efficiency and preformance issues<BR>
An ASP Quiz Application:
Building a quiz application<BR>Grading the quiz<BR>
An ASP Discussion Board:
Designing a discussion board application<BR>Creating the basic discussion forum<BR>Displaying a thread structure in outline format<BR>
An ASP Event Calendar:
Creating a calendar<BR>Adding a database of events<BR>
Shopping Cart Design and Database Considerations:
Planning a shopping cart<BR>Database design issues<BR>Considerations for the unique CartID<BR>
Product Display and Searching:
Working with product categories<BR>Product display and keyboard searching<BR>
The Shopping Cart Script:
Building the shopping cart<BR>Updating quantity and deleting items<BR>Customer information, shipping & handling, and taxes<BR>
Taking Product Orders:
Finalising an order<BR>Customer relations and further directions<BR>
An Ad Rotation and Tracking System and a Simple Affiliates Program:
Creating a database-driven ad rotator system<BR>Creating ad reports<BR>Adding a web affiliate program to your shopping cart<BR>