Active Server Pages (ASP) Training: Level 1

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Students will learn the benefits of using ASP technology to create dynamic, data-driven Web sites. The course introduces the ASP Object Model, several built-in ASP Components, Scripting Objects, and the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Model.
Participants should be familar with HTML and programming basics. It would also be helpful if participants had knowledge of JavaScript and VBScript - however this is not essential.
Introduction to ASP:
What is ASP?<BR>ASP Scripting languages, objects and components<BR>
Server-side Includes:
Using server-side includes<BR>Using dynamic server-side includes<BR>
The Response Object:
What is the response object?<BR>The write method<BR>The redirect method<BR>Controlling output<BR>
What are cookies?<BR>The response cookies collection<BR>The request cookies collection<BR>
ASP Components, Part 1:
What are ASP components?<BR>The server object<BR>The ad rotator component<BR>
ASP Components, Part 2:
The browser capabilities component<BR>The content linking component<BR>
Applications, Sessions and the Global.asa:
What are ASP applications and sessions?<BR>What is the global.asa?<BR>
Scripting Objects:
The built-in scripting objects<BR>The filesystem object<BR>The textstream object<BR>
ASP and the ADO Model:
ASP, databases and ADO<BR>The database environment<BR>Connecting to the database<BR>
Viewing Database Records:
Working with recordsets<BR>Creating combo boxes and option groups<BR>Filtering records<BR>
Adding, Updating and Deleting Records:
Adding records to a database<BR>Updating records in a databse<BR>Deleting records from a database<BR>
Stored Procedures and Parameters:
Using stored procedures<BR>The command object<BR>Parameter queries<BR>
Advanced Recordset Techniques:
Editing a record<BR>Paging through a recordset<BR>