Access 2013 - Intermediate

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You have the basic skills needed to work with Microsoft Office Access 2013 databases, including creating and working with Access tables, relationships, queries, forms, and reports. But so far, you have been focusing only on essential database user skills. In this course, you will consider how to maintain data consistency, how to customize database components, and how to share Access data with other applications.
This course assumes no previous experience of database design. However, delegates with some experience in database design will find this course beneficial if they do not know Access.
To build on some existing database design and/or user experience that may have been gained from the Introduction course.
1. Action Queries:
Types Of Query
The Crosstab Query
The Make Table Query
The Append Query
The Delete Query
The Update Query
2. Customising Forms:
Manipulating Data in the Form
Creating A New Form
Using the Form Wizard
Creating a Form With a Subform
Modifying and Redesigning the Form
3. Reports:
The Report Wizard
Creating a Report With Summary Totals
Using the Label Wizard
Modifying and Redesigning the Report.
Publishing Access Data on the Web
4. Protecting desktop database with backup and restore processes:
Why do I need a backup?
Creating a debase backup
Creating a Split Databases
Backing up back-end database and
front-end database
Restoring a database