Access 2013 Core Essentials

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This one-level workshop covers the skills that students will need to make the most of Microsoft Access 2013. The course begins with the basics and progresses through several modules which cover databases, tables and records, forms, reports, queries, and much more.
Participants are expected to be IT literate. This is not an introduction to computers course
The Basics:
Getting Started
Signing In
Creating a Database
Database Terminology
Saving a Database
Opening a Database
Your First Database:
About Security Warnings
About Relationships
Searching for Objects
Opening Database Objects
Changing the Object View
Understanding the Types of Views Available
Managing Objects
Working with Tables and Records:
Creating a Table
Understanding Table Views
Adding and Editing Records
Searching and Browsing Records
Deleting Records
Printing Records
Formatting Tables:
Selecting Data
Changing Column and Row Width and Height
Applying Text Formatting
Applying Gridlines
Changing Fill Colors
Checking Your Spelling
Creating Forms:
Creating a Form from an Object
Creating a Form with the Wizard
Creating a Form from Scratch
Understanding Form Views
Using a Form
Formatting Forms:
Understanding Bound and Unbound Controls
Changing the Theme
Using the Format Painter
Adding Fields
Adding Controls
Adding Images and Logos
Creating Reports:
Creating a Report from an Object
Creating a Report with the Wizard
Creating a Report from Scratch
Understanding Report Views
Printing Reports
Formatting Reports:
Changing the Theme
Using the Format Painter
Grouping and Sorting Data
Adding Controls
Adding Images and Logos
Adding Page Numbers, Headers, and Footers
Creating Basic Queries:
Types of Queries
Creating a Query with the Wizard
Running a Query
Understanding Query Views
Sorting and Filtering a Query
Creating Advanced Queries:
Creating and Using Parameter Queries
Creating and Using Crosstab Queries
Creating and Using Make-Table Queries
Creating and Using Multiple Table Queries
Creating and Using Append Queries
Creating and Using Delete Queries
Creating and Using Update Queries
Managing Your Database:
Compacting and Repairing a Database
Encrypting a Database with a Password
Backing Up Your Database
Exporting a Database and Database Objects
Printing Database Objects
Customizing the Interface:
Collapsing and Pinning the Ribbon
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Resetting Interface Changes