Access 2007 Expert

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In previous levels, you were introduced to advanced topics that dealt with local database management. In this course, you will learn remote database management, how to exchange data with XML and other type applications, and how to automate your business processes by using VBA code. Interaction with Sharepoint and some SQL will also be covered.
To ensure the successful completion of the Expert course, the completion of the Advanced course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
COM Add-Ins :
What is a COM Add-In?
Using the Add-Ins Tab
Opening the Add-In Manager
Loading Add-Ins
Using the Trust Center
Digital Signatures :
What is a Digital Signature?
Obtaining a Digital Signature
Attaching Your Signature to a Database
Smart Tags :
What is a Smart Tag?
Inserting Smart Tags into a Database
Customizing Smart Tags
Setting Smart Tag Options
Managing Your Database :
Analyzing Performance
Analyzing Tables
Viewing Object Dependencies
Splitting a Database
Database Replication
Customizing Access :
Opening the Options Dialogue
Overview of the Options Dialogue
Changing User Information
Setting Security Options
Making Access Work Backwards
Using Scripts in Access :
Macro Basics
Creating Macros
Playing Macros
Macro Security
Deleting Macros
Other Macro Tasks :
Embedding a Macro
Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
Assigning a Macro to an Event
Assigning a Macro to a Control
Visual Basic and Macros :
Opening the Visual Basic Editor
Adding Code to your Macro
Adding Comments to VBA Code
Declaring Variables
Prompting for User Input
Using If-Then-Else Statements
Macro Groups :
Creating a Macro Group
Running a Macro Group
Editing a Macro Group
SharePoint Basics :
What is SharePoint?
System Requirements
Creating a Workspace
Accessing a Workspace
Publishing to a Workspace
SharePoint Data :
Using Offline Lists
Exporting a List
Restricting Permission for Data Objects
Your Personal SharePoint Space:
Public and Private Views
Shared and Private Documents
Creating a List
Creating a Page
Personalizing your Space
Understanding SQL :
What is an SQL Database?
What is an SQL Statement?
What is an SQL Convention?
What is SQL Syntax?
Linking a Database to an SQL Server
Using the SELECT Statement :
Selecting All Data
Selecting Specific Data
Selecting Conditional Data
Using the ORDER BY Statement
Using Subqueries :
What is a Subquery?
Creating a Subquery
Subqueries with Equality
Subqueries with Aggregate Functions
Nested Subqueries and Uses of the IN Keyword
Using SQL Joins :
Creating Simple Joins
Using an Alias
Sorting Joins
Creating Outer Joins