Microsoft Excel Training

Every employee has something to track, something to measure, and something to monitor. Microsoft Excel is the ideal medium in which to accomplish these tasks

Most employees have had no formal training on MS Excel and yet they are expected to use effectively in their day to day activities.  Even people who have mastered the key elements of MS Excel have strayed and are not using the software productively. These untrained users may waste hours and even days performing inefficient tasks, creating unnecessary stress and delays. 

Our courses bring the skills of MS Excel users from absolute beginners to the most advanced use of Macros and VBA.  We have unique, focused courses and all our trainers focus on practical implementation of the topics covered.  This gives participants a clear plan on how to implement the skills they gain in their own workplace. 

For details on how we have helped clients to gain from expert use of VBA, please see our Excel VBA Case Studies.

Excel 2016

 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Intermediate
 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Advanced
 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Foundation
 Data Visualisation with Excel and PowerPoint

Excel Courses for Advanced Users

 Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016
 Programming in VBA - Using Microsoft Excel 2010/2013/2016
 Excel Macros from A to Z using VBA
 Microsoft Excel 2016 PowerPivot
 Rolling Forecasts with Excel
 Business Plan Modelling using Excel
 Automating Analysis with Advanced features of MS Excel
 Professional Data Analysis & Report Design with Excel

Excel 2013

 Excel 2013 - Foundation
 Excel 2013 - Intermediate
 Excel 2013 - Advanced
 Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Dashboards
 Excel PowerPivot 2013
 Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Excel 2013 Core Essentials
 Excel 2010: Advanced

Excel 2010

 Excel 2010: Foundation
 Excel 2010: Intermediate

Excel 2007

 Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Level 1
 Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Level 2
 Microsoft Excel 2010 PowerPivot

Excel Courses for Advanced Users

 PowerPivot for Excel

Microsoft Office Excel for Macintosh Courses

 Microsoft Office Excel 2011 Level 2 Macintosh
 Microsoft Office Excel 2011 Level 1 Macintosh

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