Database Development

At Professional Consulting we design and develop off-line databases in MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL to meet the precise needs of our clients.   Properly constructed databases make organisations more effective.  Badly designed databases cost time, money and extreme frustration.  As well as designing and developing databases for clients we also provide a full range of training services in this vital area. For details on our database training programmes, click here

For on-line databases, we develop applications to, for example, add eCommerce facilities to a website, store valuable customer information or provide advanced search features. Many businesses already have a database of information such as products, personnel or customer information. Adding a web front-end will make it readily available to internal or external visitors via the pages of a website using only a browser.

Placing web content into a database creates a dynamic website that is much more flexible, giving database driven websites many advantages over static websites. At Professional Consulting we have vast experience in developing database driven websites using the latest technologies. We also develop content management solutions that enable businesses to edit and publish their own material if they do not wish to avail of a maintenance contract for site updating.