Time Management using MS Outlook

Course Description

This course is designed for people who understand that time management is a choice and that we can all improve our productivity levels. They want to acquire the skills to achieve more in their day to day activities, free up time for projects and develop their career. It presents a strategy to use MS Outlook as a way to allocate and monitor tasks and effectively plan and schedule their workload. <br> The reality is that most managers are so busy doing, that they do not take the time to review how they spend their time and the impact this has on achieving their goals. They may have learned to use Outlook as a way to send and receive emails or store contact details, but not realise how it can help them to manage their time.
1 Day
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Having completed the workshop the participants will understand how to
Identify their real priorities
Link their daily activities to their priorities
Create a systematic process to manage their email correspondence and schedule
Set and monitor goals and targets
Manage team interaction to improve productivity

MS Outlook

Organising by priorities or key result areas
Dealing with the email avalanche
Designing an efficient filing system
Converting emails into tasks
Scheduling meetings with others
Managing your contacts
Tips and shortcuts

Time Management

Applying Parkinson's Law
Establishing your core priorities
Goal setting techniques
What you plan and how you plan
How your team impacts on your work management
Identifying the barriers to adopting new behaviour
Identifying Blockages

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