Organizational and Meeting Management Skills using MS Outlook

Course Description

This course is designed for managers who realise that creating a To Do list does not solve their difficulties in managing their work or freeing up time. They recognise that how they manage or participate in the greatest time thief of all - non productive meetings - impacts on what they can achieve and how they are perceived. They require a practical, reality-based set of techniques and strategies to be more effective and less stressed.
1 Day
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Use MS Outlook as an effective meeting management tool
Use rules and tasks to customise MS Outlook
Prepare more effectively for meetings
Understand the importance of communication style in meetings
Share some of the techniques with the team or colleagues to reinforce the new behaviours
Have a strategy to apply the training content to their organisation.

Meeting Management

Using a Preset versus a themed agenda
Importance of preparation
Eliminate time wasting in meetings
The importance of meeting preparation
Understanding and communicating the meeting context
Clarify meeting roles and responsibilities
The importance of note taking
Follow up actions

MS Outlook as an Organisational tool

Using Calendars and Shared calendars
Planning and Scheduling
Organising your supporting documents
Inviting others to the meeting
Receiving, Assigning and monitoring tasks in Outlook
Creating and using email rules
Tips and shortcuts

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