Working Smart with MS Outlook - Personal Effectiveness Training

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If you’ve got the software, we’ve got the proven process for increasing your productivity. This is the workshop Microsoft chose when they wanted to train their employees how to use Outlook more effectively. Graduates maintain increased productivity and enhanced on-the-job performance by knowing how to match the right process and skill sets when using their Outlook software.
Workgroups and teams including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently use MS Outlook, and are not optimizing this powerful software.
What to Expect:
Integration of a proven business process with Microsoft Outlook
A total time management solution that integrates communications, tasks,
activities, and planning

Hands-on software instruction
Immediate Benefits:
Consistent focus on priorities
Improved communications
Managed activities and events
A ‘business planning’ approach to Outlook
Control over the ‘Digital Deluge’
The Productivity Pirates:
In this first unit we will describe what is meant by productivity and workload
management. You will learn about the Invisible Assembly Line and importance of the Productivity Formula and strategies for reducing ‘mind traffic’. We will create a campaign or Working Sm@rt™ and look at how an Outlook System can help turn our intentions into actions.
The Outlook Business Solution:
You will gain a deeper understanding of what’s available in the Outlook ‘toolbox’ and configure the main components of Outlook. In the office or on the move, we will show you how to consolidate personal, team, corporate and external information.
The Digital Deluge:
We will show you how to manage your Inbox and establish an E-mail Charter. You will cover topics in sending and following up on E-mail, learn how and when to respond to mail, as well as set up protocols for eliminating junk E-mail. We will show you creative ways to file your mail and stay with your priorities regardless of the volume of E-mail traffic.
Managing Commitments:
You will learn the importance of the Outlook Calendar and how to avoid becoming
a victim of ‘Planning Fallacy’. Your labs and exercises will help you become a more proficient time manager and begin the process of regaining control over your life and demanding schedule.
Managing Communication:
You will learn the Priority communicating process and how to apply it with Outlook
tools. You will practice planning and responding to people as well as how to delegate and follow-up. We will demonstrate that by applying the communication process, it is possible to have total recall! You will also learn best practice influencing and voicemail behaviours.
Managing Activities:
We will show you how to become a master at multi-tasking. You will learn how to stay on top of the important as well as the urgent activities, and solve the ‘decision dilemma’ when managing a myriad of activities.
Priority Planning:
You will discover how the planning process works for you. The planning cycle will help you become more strategic in your daily choice of activities and restore a feeling of achievement at the end of every day.
You will expand your understanding of how teams work and create E-mail charter for your team/organization. You will learn how to share calendars and collaborate on shared documents.
Eliminating DeskStress:
In this unit we will demonstrate how to manage the digital desktop as well as control the clutter on your hardtop too! You will learn important techniques to control both silent and noisy interruptions. You will set up files to help you retrieve sent mail. You will also learn how the Outlook Organizer is designed to work with your Outlook software for maximum effectiveness.
Online: Putting Outlook to Work:
Summarizes all the key ideas and provides you with a recipe for learning
transfer. You will receive the Outlook Quick Guide so that you can deploy new techniques learned today as soon as
you return to the job. You will review the key learning points and 10 Key Principles and develop plans to increase your
productivity and performance back at work. Upon graduation you will become a member of the Priority
LearningLink™ and receive tips and coaching online.