Translating and communicating the corporate or team strategy

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This course is designed for managers who are working with teams. The focus is on communicating as part of meeting internal success measurements and managing expectations in the team environment. It will also cover techniques the managers can use to engage the team and improve ownership within the team.
Participants should be managing teams or about to move into that role.
Effective communication :
Leading your team through the stages or strategies
Active listening techniques
Presenting information informally
Identifying the take home message
Selling the concept internally :
The real impact of innovation in your team
Creating momentum
Taking the No out of Innovation
Challenging the real or imagined inertia
Perseverance in the face of obstacles
Three common errors :
Lack of context
Lack of questions and dialogue
Lack of connection
How to communicate the core message :
Matching the message to the organisationís culture
Understanding how your message is received and understood
Making the message relevant to the team
The importance of informal communication
The role model affect
Goal Setting as a communication skill :
The Dynamics of Goals setting
Building on small goals and quick wins
Reality checking the goals
Performance goals Vs Outcome goals
Goals as specific performance objectives
Setting milestones and monitoring progress