Training skills and Techniques for managers

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In many organisations, there is a trend to devolve many traditional functions to managers. This has been driven by the desire to deliver training that meets the needs of the learners where it has the best effect; at workplace level. This is effectiveness is increased when the design, delivery and assessment of the training is matched with the working environment. The transfer of the training is also increased when the training is seen as integrated with their work rather than something separate. All participants will have an opportunity to deliver a short training presentation on each day.
This practical 2 day workshop is designed for managers that are required to deliver operational training to team members or other employees in the organisation.
Training Vs Learning :
The principles of adult learning
How adults learn
Learning Styles
How to accommodate different learning styles
Planning the content:
Setting and communicating training aims and objectives
Sequencing the training
Developing SKA Skills Knowledge Attitude
Stages in learning a skill
The importance of practical work
The role of in-course assessment
Communication Skills :
Working with trainees who have English as a second language (ESL)
Importance of Non Verbal Communication (NVC)
Visual aids
Trainer Conduct and Control
Delivering a Training session :
Managing a training session
Questioning Techniques
Training to change performance
Using participatory learning techniques
Avoiding the classic training errors
Giving & Receiving feedback
After Training:
Transferring learning to the workplace
Evaluating the training session