Train the Trainer

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Professional trainers produce professional results. This 2-day course will provide participants with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge of the process of learning, the role of the individual trainer and issues of importance when working with groups.
People whose work calls on them, or will call on them, to prepare and deliver training. No formal qualifications are required but good communicators with an interest in learning and basic computer skills will get most from the programme.
Participants will:
Attend a one day skills and knowledge development workshop
Complete specified assignments and prepare a brief presentation during a one week interval
Submit completed assignments for assessment
Deliver their presentations to their fellow learners and tutor.

If required by the client, participants can be individually marked on their assignments and skills demonstration (the presentation), although this is not an externally certified programme.
Day One:
How do we learn?
What do we remember?
When do we learn?
Theories and arguments about learning
Learning Styles
Practical Application - Ready Able and willing
What is training?
Systematic Training
Matching Method to Content
Practical Application Which drives design; learner or content?
Identifying training Needs:
For the organization
For the individual
The need for context and commitment
Designing Training:
Goals and Objectives
Sequence & Timetable
Matching method and materials to content
The training programme
Delivering Training:
Session/Demo plans
Talks and presentations
Learner directed activities
Training Records
Assessing Training:
The four stages
Practical issues in evaluating training
Delivering a Presentation:
Essentials of effective communications
Setting out your structure
Tips for delivery
Using and dealing with questions
Using visual aids
Interval Projects:
1. Identify a training need for your situation and design a brief training programme which must include a presentation.
2. Design and construct a 15 minute presentation for delivery to the group
Day 2:
Delivering a Presentation - continued:
Posing and dealing with questions
Feedback skills
Participant Presentations:
First Run
Second Run summary content demonstrating use of principles
Tutor feedback
Review of Programme & Close: