Train the IT Trainer Advanced Workshop

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This workshop is intended to assist existing trainers in improving their training techniques and approaches with a focus on the behavioural aspects of delegates. This highly participative workshop will draw upon real examples taken from delegates` own experiences in training sessions. Questionnaires; models; discussions and role-play activities will be used.
Training experience is presumed and required.
Learning Styles: General Descriptions:
Learning Styles and Training:
Balancing Delivery Around Different Learning Styles
Making Technical Courses Relevant and Interesting for Delegates:
Start From Where the Delegate is
Find out Where They Want to Get To
Making Technical Courses Relevant
Clarity of Explanations
Use your Imagination
Making Courses Interesting
Training Introductory and Advanced Level Courses:
How Expert Trainers Get That Way:
Accepting Differences
Using Silence
Knowing when you don`t know
Cultivating Variety
Endurance and Openness
Balancing the Needs of Everyone:
The Software House
The Trainer
The Delegates
The Managers
The Organization
Delegate Pre-Course Preparation:
Importance of Post-Course Support:
Handling Egos - Confidence Building:
Classroom Environment and Behavior Patterns:
Group Control:
Indidvidual Control Techniques:
The Four Most Common Problems
Other Problems Delegates
Tips of Working with Adult Learners: