Telephone Techniques for Community Based Organisations

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Whether your organisation is a not –for –profit or community group, the telephone is your main contact with your client base, potential donors, volunteers and your clients. While the people who work in these organisations interact with the public daily; they do not necessarily have customers; they do not sell anything. The workshop will focus on how to work with people in stressful situations, how to defuse conflict and other skills that will enhance the effectiveness of the organisation
The participants will understand the importance of behaving in a tactful, diplomatic, friendly yet professional manner. They will explore their role as community support professionals and how different clients require different communication responses. The participants will develop the confidence to remain professional and calm in a variety of situations.
Telephone as a professional tool :
Russian roulette or managed communication
You are the primary communication tool
Avoiding jargon and casual phrases
Posture and body language
Recognising Danger signals
Communicating the organisations policies and procedures
Dealing with a diverse customer base :
Customers with Disabilities
Customers with English as a second language
Avoiding any possibility of discrimination
Effective call handling techniques :
Incoming calls
Managing customer expectations
Identifying the clients perception of the call
Effective questioning techniques
Dealing with irate callers
Dealing with vagueness
Dealing with unfriendliness
Effective call handling techniques :
Outgoing calls
Planning your calls
Organising your support data
Voice mail etiquette
Assertive communication :
Your role as gatekeeper
Managing complaints
Screening calls