Team Building Techniques

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This course will introduce delegates to the activities and techniques that make for effective team building. This will focus on individual actions and team actions that help build effective teams.
Participants may be anyone who is seeking to lead or work effectively within a team in a professional capacity.
Introduction to Teams:
Why use teams?
Team Dynamics:
Task versus Process
Task Achievement in Teams
Team Communication Skills:
Creating Trust and Openness
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Feedback Rules
Johari Window
Self Disclosure
Team Roles:
Belbin Team Roles
Team Relationships:
Competition, Co-operation, Collaboration Team Development
Tuckman`s Team development mode
Analysis of Current Team
Team Effectiveness:
What makes and effective team?
Personal Effectiveness in Teams
Consideration of different styles
Creativity in Groups
Influencing Team Members:
Techniques for influencing others
Support and Challenge
Action Planning:
Individual action planning