Representing the Values - Member service Workshop

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Delivering a positive member experience is playing an increasingly important role in Credit Unions. The workshop will be presented as a contribution to developing and engaging the staff and volunteers and strengthening the member relationships.
Course Objectives :
Having completed the training the participants will
• Understand their role in enhancing the member experience
• See the link between the member experience and organisation’s “brand values”
• Recognise the value of member engagement
• Have a strategy for dealing with difficult situations
• Have developed a critical business skill
Delivery style :
The interactive workshop will use a variety of activities and exercises to enhance the learning. It will have a focus on experiential, action-based learning with the participants understanding the key principles and applying them to their situation.
They will be involved in a number of training exercises where they can assess their own attitudes, skills and responses. They can then identify the relationship between their behaviours and their effectiveness.
The learning will be supported by post-course tip sheets and interactive quizzes to transfer the learning to the workplace
Representing the values – you are the organisation:
Managing the members’ expectations:
How your member evaluates the experience
How the member’s experience influences future development
How excellent member service helps the Credit Union to attract new members
Member service mapping:
Understanding the member or service user touch points :
Face to face
Volunteers :
Volunteers as staff
Volunteers as customers
Member & Service user Characteristics :
Who are your members? :
Understanding the diversity of member motivations
Who are your service users?:
What do they expect from your centre?
Dealing with difficult situations :
Angry members
Abusive members
Dealing with complaints tactfully
Telephone skills :
Telephone as a communication tool
Using a professional greeting and sign-off
Speaking to English as a second-language customers