Representing the Values - Customer Service Workshop for Community and Voluntary Groups

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Delivering a positive customer experience is playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of organisations. This course is designed for staff who interact with customers or service users in voluntary, community based or NGO organisations. The challenge is to adapt traditional customer service behaviours, used in profit-driven organisations, to suit organisations driven by value and social impact, where profit isn`t the most important goal. The workshop will be presented as a contribution to developing and engaging the staff and volunteers and strengthening the donor and customer relationships.
No specific pre-requisites.
Course Objectives :
• Participants will understand their role in enhancing the customer experience
• See the link between the customer experience and organisation’s “brand values”
• Recognise the value of customer engagement
• Have a strategy for dealing with difficult situations
• Have developed a critical business skill
Representing the values – you are the organisation :
Managing the customer expectations
How your customer evaluates the experience
How the customers’ experience influences future development
How excellent customer service helps you to stand out
Customer service mapping:
Understanding the customer or service-user touch points
• Email
• Telephone
• Face to face
Donors as customers :
Building relationships
Avoiding donor regret
Making it easy to donate
Volunteers as staff
Volunteers as customers
Customer & Service user Characteristics :
Who shops at your shops
Understanding the diversity of shopper motivations

Who are your service users
What do they expect from your centre?
Dealing with difficult situations:
Angry customers
Abusive customers
Refusing donations tactfully
Telephone skills:
Telephone as a communication tool
Using a professional greeting and sign-off
Speaking to English-as-a-second-language customers