Receptionist and Frontline Staff Training

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The competence of staff who deal with customers face-to-face or on the telephone is crucial to the overall success of any organisation. Your levels of customer service will be judged by how effectively your staff respond to and manage incoming and outgoing calls. This workshop will give your staff the skills, knowledge and techniques to handle queries and complaints to effectively and professionally represent your organisation.
No mandatory pre-requisites.
The participants will :
Appreciate their role in customer creation and retention
Understand how to use the telephone as a business tool
Learn some techniques to remain professional in difficult or challenging situations
The role of front line staff :
What is their role?
You are the face and the voice of the organisation
Projecting a professional image
How your solutions contribute to customer creation and retention
The four things most customers really want
Professional communication skills :
The importance of first impressions
Your voice as a business tool
How your response influences the customer response
Avoiding jargon and casual phrases
Active listening
Rapport building, matching and mirroring
Taking control of communication :
Using language the customer can understand
What are barriers?
Using your voice as a business tool
Understanding the communication funnel
How the customer filters your message
It's not what you say it's what they hear
Building the telephone into your day :
Preparing for calls
The importance of note taking
Managing visitors and callers simultaneously
Putting callers on hold correctly
Transferring calls to internal or back office staff
The structure of a telephone call :
Inbound Versus Outbound calls
Managing each stage of the call
Handling difficult situations on the telephone :
Taking ownership
Controlling your own reactions