Presentation Techniques for Impact

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90% of business presentations are done for a purpose over and above information giving - they are done to make the audience take some specific action. This course provides all the techniques and knowledge needed to make effective influencing presentations and creates a safe but realistic environment to practice them.
None required.
Learning Skills:
How we learn and how we can use this to influence people
Feedback skills:
How to give and take feedback constructively
How you do it now – Presentations 1:
Participants deliver a five minute presentation they have prepared.
Participants and tutor offer feedback on the presentation.
The challenges:
• How people absorb and distort information
• The Language
The five factors in communicating situations
How to communicate effectively
The two types of presentation situations and three goals
Designing your presentation - Nine questions that shape effective presentations
A winning structure for any presentation
Methods, materials and aids to presentations
Facilities and checklists
How to deal with nerves
Starting the presentation
How effective presenters deliver and respond
Using questions – yours and theirs
How to deal with interruptions, distractions and conflict
The “politics” of presentations
The five steps strategy for selling a proposal
Issues about information sheets/”handouts”
How you will do it in future – Presentations 2:
The second practical session where participants modify their original presentations to reflect the techniques and information covered on the course.