PowerPoint Presentations & presenting them effectively

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The ability to generate collaboration and commitment is a defining trait in successful executives and delivering effective presentations has become a core skill.
Managers and supervisors who have to make effective presentations to colleagues and customers.
Do your presentations create enthusiasm and deliver the results you want?:
If your answer is no or “not enough” then you will benefit from this course

Presentations that influence and inform

Learn the techniques that give you the right Perspective i.e. how to:
• Bring the audience into focus
• Deal with the “politics” of presentations
• Construct a clear succinct message
• Approach the presentation confidently and honestly
• Create appropriate pre and post presentation information handouts
Learn how to build visually appealing presentations with MS PowerPoint by:
• Applying good design principles
• Utilising the “Backstage” view to save time and create professional looking presentations
• Making your presentations flow by using sections, zoom, and transitions
• Including Animations, Icons, Shapes, Smart Art and Graphics to keep your audience engaged and highlight your message
Utilise the “Backstage” view to save time and create professional looking presentations:
• The backstage setup
• Slide Layout Masters, Sections and Themes
• Notes, handouts and printing options
• Good design principles
The Efficient Presenter exercise
Keep your audience engaged and get your message across emphatically by using PowerPoint’s graphics functions:
• Insert and format graphics using SmartArt and shapes
• Using the Ruler, Gridlines, Guides and Nudge to size and position objects
• Use Group and Ungroup to speed up formatting objects
• Adding tables and charts
The Emphatic Message exercise
Animations and Transitions:
Make your presentations flow by using sections, zoom, and transitions
• Use animations, motion paths and the animation pane to enhance presentations
• Insert transitions to create momentum and appeal
• Use Insert and Zoom for smooth delivery
The Apple Story Exercise
Delivering the presentation :
Use good design principles to present your data honestly, concisely and clearly:
• It’s about your audience – the right perspective
• How information is presented in organisations
• Presenting and persuading
• Using PowerPoint’s Presenter Mode
• The golden rule for successful presentations
• How to deliver confidently
• Why the “Three Tells” never goes out of style
• Tips to:
o Begin a presentation
o Establish rapport with your audience
o Engage the entire audience
o Deal with questions
o Handle interruptions and distractions
o Influence and gain agreement
o Close successfully
Participant deliveries exercise