Negotiation Skills

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Too often a group will meet to negotiate an arrangement and fail to come to a reasonable position - entrenched positions will stop useful negotiation and poor use of interpersonal skills will lead to 'stand off' positions and win-lose type situations. Aggressive behaviour wins out and the result is not implemented. Win-lose can lead to a future of even less useful meetings. This course offers the opportunity to learn to negotiate to a position of success.
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What is Negotiation?:
Negotiation and agreement,
Negotiating situations
Types of negotiator and The “Good Negotiator”
The Five stages in the negotiating process
Stage 1: Initial Situation Appraisal - Is there a deal to be done?:
What are the broad parameters of the deal
How important is this deal to us now?
What are the counterparty’s likely demands
How important is the deal to them?
What will be the role of competitors?
“No deal-get a deal-get a good deal-get the best deal” analysis
Stage 2: Preparation– Defining the deal you want:
Exploring Interests
Defining Options and applying “LIMit” analysis
Your mindset (relaxed v. overeager) exploring alternatives and the role of “BATNA”
Legitimacy and Relationship considerations
Communications strategy
Anticipating the resources needed for Implementation
Stage 3: Setting up the Negotiation Situation:
Framing and context
Agenda sequencing
Pre-emptive strikes
Stage 4: Delivering in the Negotiating Situation:
Negotiating tools and techniques
Maintaining Momentum
The “Closing” mentality
Stage 5: Learning from experience and Maintaining Relationships:
Evaluating the process