Managing Meetings

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The skills we exhibit at meetings in work are pivotal to career and organisational success. Yet many people believe that meetings are boring, unnecessary, take far too much time and distract from the real work. This does not have to be the case. Well planned and organised meetings allow the coordination of activities, help us to solve problems, share information and make decisions. This workshop addresses the necessary steps to prepare for and conduct effective meetings, whether face to face or by conference call. It investigates unproductive behaviour and tactics and suggests some strategies to counteract them.
Supervisors who are required to manage or facilitate at meetings on an ad hoc basis or experienced staff who want to refine their skills.
Having completed this training the participants will:

- Understand how to effectively prepare for a meeting whether they are acting as chair or delegate
- Refine their own chairing skills for future meetings
- Have a strategy to prepare for and coordinate conference calls
Content :
The importance of meeting preparation
Understanding and communicating the meeting context
Establishing the meeting ground rules
Structuring the agenda to achieve the objectives
Monitoring the Non Verbal behaviour at meetings

Identifying difficult behaviour at meetings
Strategies for managing difficult behaviour
Creating a creative atmosphere at meetings
Managing the stakeholder relationships

Ending meetings on time
Using a step by step approach to close the meeting
Meeting notes Vs Meeting Minutes

Facilitating Vs Managing meetings
Understanding the role of the facilitator
Facilitating to achieve stated goals
Strategies to encourage participation
The virtual meeting- Conference calls :
Preparing for Conference calls
Conference call coordination
Avoiding confusion and frustration
Setting the ground rules