Leadership Skills

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This course will consider principles of leadership and practice the personal skills involved in effective team leadership.
The course is intended for participants new to leadership roles who require some guidance on the skills and focus required to effectively lead teams. No specific pre-requisite knowledge is required.
What is Leadership?:
The Born Leader<BR>The Taught Leader<BR>The Basic Requirements<BR>What you have to be or become<BR>Functions of Leadership<BR>
Leadership Skills:
Diagram of Leadership Elements<BR>A Working Model for a Leader<BR>Achieveing the Task<BR>
Meeting Individual Needs:
Maintaining the Team:
Johari Window:
Introduction<BR>Johari Window Diagram<BR>
Giving and Receiving Feedback:
Introduction<BR>Giving Feedback<BR>Receiving Feedback<BR>Feedback Characteristics<BR>Values & Skills<BR>Style Analysis Scoring<BR>
Leadership Styles:
Leadership Styles<BR>
Management Styles:
Blake & Mouton Management Styles<BR>Typical Management Behaviour in each Style<BR>
Belbin Team Roles:
Belbin`s Eight Roles<BR>Significance of Belbin`s Roles for Leaders<BR>
Stages of Team Development:
Team & Group Stages<BR>Issues in Team Life Cycle<BR>Behaviours in Team Life Cycle<BR>
Action Planning:
Individual Action Planning<BR>