Internal Audit Committee training for Credit Unions

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This course is designed to give participants a clear understanding of their primary role in the Credit Union as members of the Internal Audit Committee. Participants will also get an enhanced appreciation of the internal control environment of a Credit Union. <br> This is a summary, generic outline. Each client can customise the content to suit their particular training requirements.
No specific pre-requisites.
Internal Audit Committee Overview:
- A summary of the role of the Internal Audit Committee
- The role of the Committee as outlined in the recent Commission Report
Regulatory Environment review:
A review of the existing Regulatory Environment from an Internal Audit perspective
Operations Review:
This includes a general review of the following topics and others, as required:

- Credit Union Investments
- Overview of Material Loans
- Dormant Account Analysis
- Credit Union policies from an Internal Audit perspective
- The Cash operations and structure within a Credit Union
- The importance of the Bank Reconciliation process
- Financial Reporting structure within a Credit Union
- Money Laundering Review- what to look out for from an Audit Perspective
- Other relevant operational reviews
Governance structure of a Credit Union review:
- The internal control structure and systems of a Credit Union will be assessed at an overview level
The assessment of ‘risk’ within a Credit Union:
- We will define the various types of risk that occur within a Credit Union.
- We will highlight key areas of risk within Credit Union operations
- We will also discuss the importance of Risk Management Planning