Influencing for results

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Effective influencers combine communicating/listening, persuading and negotiating skills. To become effective-influencers people need to be familiar with the concepts and techniques that deliver results in each of these areas. They need to identify the styles that suit them and practice these “influencing behaviours” until they are an inherent part of their personality.
No specific pre-requisites.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the training day, participants will be able to:
1. Describe in detail the influencing style and associated techniques that best suit them
2. Explain the five steps that effective negotiators follow and the one most important determinant of success in negotiating
3. List at least two things they will do to commit the style/techniques to their long term behaviour
How we learn and get the best from the day:
What is Influencing and where do we use influencing skills?:
Influencing Styles – push v pull:
Push :
Sources of power and authority
Rules and regulations
Logical argument
Inspiring vision
Drawing out – Questioning, Listening and exploring issues
Problem Solving
Cialdini’s Six Laws of Influence:
Understanding them
Using them to get results
What does all this mean to you?:
Extracting the ones that will work for you
Matching the techniques to the situation
Negotiating situations and negotiators:
The Five Step negotiating model and negotiating checklist:
Is there a deal?
Define the deal you want
Set up the negotiations
Deliver at the meeting/call
Maintain Relationships
Transferring the skills, knowledge and attitudes back to the workplace: