Help Desk Analyst

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This course will prepare students for the Help Desk Institute`s "Certified Help Desk Analyst" certification. It may also be delivered in an "accelerated" 3-day format. Students will learn how to deal effectively with a wide variety of customer situations and to create positive interaction between customers and co-workers. The course also gives an overview of the main Help Desk tools, technologies, processes and management concepts.
Participants may be new to the role of Help Desk Analyst or may have some practical experience but no or limited previous structured training.
What is Help Desk?:
Goals<BR>Objectives and Standards<BR>Evolution of Support Services<BR>The role of the Help Desk<BR>Mission Statements<BR>Goal of the Help Desk<BR>Call Handling Process<BR>Role of the Help Desk Analyst<BR>
Basic Customer Service Skills:
What is a Customer?<BR>Communication Skills<BR>Active Listening<BR>Handling Support Calls<BR>Documenting Support Calls<BR>Using Questions Effectively<BR>The Importance of Empathy<BR>
Advanced Customer Service Skille:
Rapport<BR>Skills Development<BR>Assertiveness<BR>Assertiveness Techniques<BR>Principles of Negotiation<BR>Dealing with Customer Conflict<BR>
Teamwork<BR>Team Leadership<BR>
Help Desk Tools and Technology:
Computer Hardware and Software<BR>Network Components<BR>Telecommunications<BR>Other Problem Management Technologies<BR>
The Workplace:
System Security Management<BR>Asset and Resource Management<BR>Change Management<BR>Human Ersource Issues<BR>Cultural Sensitivity<BR>Ethics in the Workplace<BR>
Problem Solving Techniques:
What is the purpose of Creative Thinking?<BR>Brainstorming<BR>What is a Problem?<BR>Steps in Defining a Problem<BR>Thinking and Reasoning<BR>Critical Thinking Skills<BR>
Process Integration:
What is Process Integration?<BR>Service Level Agreements<BR>Managing the Problem<BR>Call Escalation<BR>Ownership<BR>Knowledge Management<BR>Knowledge Sources<BR>Keeping Skills Up-to Date<BR>Time Management<BR>Quality Assurance<BR>Measuring Customer Satisfaction<BR>
Network Troubleshooting Procedures:
Overview of Troubleshooting Procedures<BR>Troubleshooting Networks<BR>Troubleshooting Cabling<BR>Troubleshooting Infrastructures<BR>Routing Issues<BR>Troubleshooting Name<BR>Resolution<BR>Establishing aSession<BR>User Problems<BR>Documentation<BR>