Essential Management Skills

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This course aims to discuss, understand and practice some of the essential management skills needed to operate in today`s working environment.
Participants will generally be new to the role of manager, seeking to understand, develop and implement the skills required to be an effective manager.
Introduction to Management:
What is Management?
What is Effective Management?
Leadership and/or Management:
What is Leadership?
Basis of Good Leadership
Leadership versus Management
Creating Trust and Openness:
Values of Trust and Openness
Johari Window
Self Disclosure
Setting Objectives and Achievable Outcomes:
SMART Objectives
Setting SMART Objectives
Establishing Evidence Procedures
Communication Skills:
Active Listening
Questioning Techniques
Significance of non-verbal Communications
Observation Techniques
Approaches to Motivation
Motivational Tools
Feedback Skills:
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Feedback Rules
Coaching and Counselling Skills:
Difference between Coaching and Counselling
Importance of Coaching
Coaching Ideas
Dealing with Poor Performers:
Collecting Evidence
Classifying evidence
Setting out the Interview
Creating an Improvement Plan
Action Planning:
Individual Action Planning