Effective Team Management

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In most organisations people are concerned with building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few team leaders really understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. The skill of the team leader is to use a blend of authority and freedom in order to increase individual and collective ownership and productivity. This workshop will refresh the skills of existing team leaders or managers to improve the capacity of the team to deliver the desired levels of performance.
This workshop is designed for managers responsible for improving the competitiveness and success of the organisation by improving the performance of people and by developing capabilities of teams and individuals.
Benefits of attending :
- The participants will learn and practice practical and interactive team techniques.
- They will understand and practice techniques to conduct productive team meetings and techniques to best deal with team conflict.
- They will investigate techniques to help synergise and optimise the performance of the existing work team.
- They will create an action plan to apply the learning in the workplace
The role of Team Manager:
Understanding the team management functions
Avoiding Captainitis
Managing at the head of or as part of a team
Teamwork is a process not an outcome
Assigning and withholding authority
The link between employees and senior management
Conducting a team meeting :
Communicating and working to clear outcomes
Building team problem solving skills
Avoiding groupthink
Managing team performance:
A team or a group
Identifying the behaviours that impede performance
Dealing with poor performers
Recognising excellent performers
Understanding the behaviour of others
Management by walking around
The reality of empowering your team
Improving group effectiveness
Specific ways of improving team and individual motivation:
Overestimating what can happen in the short term, while underestimating what can happen long term
Exploring the equity theory in team members perceptions
The importance and impact of your daily interactions
Creating an esprit de corps
Assessing your team`s development needs