Diversity training for supervisors

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Supervisors will learn the skills to manage in the new workplace where people exhibit differences based on race, culture, lifestyles and motivation. When the supervisor proactively manages the diversity of the team, it can improve morale, productivity, encourage people to go the extra mile and reduce the instances of absenteeism.
Course Content:
• The legislative framework
• Exploring the concepts of diversity and equality
• The diverse Irish workforce
• Leading by example
• The reality of migrant workers
• The supervisor`s responsibility in implementing the legislation
• What is discrimination? - The effects of discrimination in the workplace
• The impact of "humour"
• Communication errors
• Examples of discrimination – direct & indirect discrimination
• Assumptions, Prejudice and Stereotyping
• Reviewing the common responses for managing race and diversity
• Understanding the relevance of Allport’s scale in today’s workplace