Data Protection Foundation: An Introduction to Data Protection

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The Data Protection Foundation course is intended to provide an introduction to the key elements of the Irish Data Protection Acts. The one-day course will offer delegates a high-level understanding of the background to the legislation, the key elements and terms used, and the principles which underpin the eight Data Protection Rules.
The course will also provide insights into the challenges faced by Data Protection officers across a wide range of industries, and will offer pragmatic, constructive advice on appropriate data management solutions.
Participants will have the opportunity to complete a one-hour, multiple-choice exam following the course, in order to validate their understanding of the course content.
There are no course pre-requisites. However, delegates are expected to understand the core business objectives of their own organisation, in order to be able to appreciate their data management obligations within the context of the legislation.
Course Objectives:
On completion of Data Protection Foundation course, delegates will be able to:

- Outline the historical, social, commercial and technological context of the legislation
- Provide clear definitions of the terms used within the legislation
- Outline the eight Data Protection Rules, as they apply to Data Controllers and Processors
- Understand the Data Subject Rights
- Explain the powers and role of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
- Understand how the legislation is enforced, and what constitutes an offence
- Appreciate obligations regarding overseas transfer of personal data
- Understand, at a high level, the various exemptions which exist within the legislation
- Understand the principles of the proposed new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
- Learn about the role of the Data Protection Officer, and the key challenges of that role
Background to the current Irish Legislation:
Understanding the context in which the legislation was drafted
The three separate pieces of Irish legislation relating to personal data
The characteristics of each of these Acts and Regulations
Definitions of Key Terms:
Explanation of the key terms used within the Acts
Clarification of the roles of the Data Subject, Controller and Processor
Outline of the Eight Data Protection Rules:
An explanation of each of the eight Rules
Case studies which explain and clarify compliance under each Rule
Examples of non-compliance with reference to recent, topical cases
Explanation of the Data Subject Rights:
An explanation of each of the Rights
Case studies outlining instances where the Rights were observed
Cases where Data Controllers were found to have neglected these rights
The Role of the Data Protection Commissioner:
Powers of the Office and its staff
The life cycle of a Data Protection Audit, and how to prepare
Enforcement of the Legislation:
An explanation of ‘triable either way’ legislation
An outline of what constitutes an offence under the legislation
How Data Controllers and Data Processors might be prosecuted in the event of a breach
Fines and Penalties under the Legislation
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR):
A brief outline of the key principles being proposed under this newly-drafted Regulation
An understanding of the expected time-line for publication and deployment