Creating a Dynamite Presentation with PowerPoint 2007

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Do you know what most people fear more than being audited? Do you know what most people fear even more than their own death? The answer is speaking in front of other people! Even the most cool, collected, and technologically savvy person can become a complete wreck if they have to get up in front of other people. And that’s just in front of people they know!
Skilled presenters have two unique qualities: the appropriate skills and personal confidence. The skill, like most things in life, comes easier the more you practice. Once you know you have the skill, the confidence comes from knowing that you can convey your message while staying comfortable and in control.
This course will teach you the essentials of being a great presenter and how you can apply those skills using the mainstay of the presentation world: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
How You Will Benefit:
• You will learn how the subtle changes in your tone of voice and body language can dramatically change your message.
• You will learn how to profile prospective audiences and give the best presentation you can.
• You will be given several tips on overcoming nervousness associated with public speaking.
• You will also learn how simple things can jazz up a presentation, how to distribute your presentation to others, and learn why PowerPoint should enhance your presentation, not become your presentation.
What You Will Cover:
The fundamentals of public speaking

The advantages of oral vs. written material

How to plan your presentation

How to customize aspects of PowerPoint 2007 to work more efficiently

How to use SmartArt and other multimedia objects to enhance your presentation

How NOT to do a PowerPoint presentation

Learn how to effectively remember names

Learn how to stay in control during a meeting

The advantages of positive appearance and body language

And much more!