Business Writing for Credit Union Staff

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This workshop is designed to give the participants an understanding of the importance of effective communication in delivering the core message of the Credit Union.
Representing the Credit Union :
• What is their role?
• Writing to represent your Credit Union
• Who are your audience?
• Managing your professional persona
• How the message is viewed by the reader
Taking control of communication :
• Using language the member can understand
• What are barriers?
• Understanding the communication funnel
• It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear
• What annoys you and are you contributing to the situation
• Explaining the policies and procedures
• Providing solutions or guidance in using the policies
Using email as a business tool:
• Create effective emails
• Techniques for managing expectations
• Use email as a business communication tools
Identifying needs:
• Question techniques – why and when to use them
• The difference between listening and hearing
• Active listening
Technical expertise plus tact :
• Negotiating skills
• Characteristics of an effective support person
• Characteristics of users
• Responding to criticism
• Assertive communication