British Computer Society (BCS) International Diploma in Business Analysis

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The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is a leading industry standard for Business Analysts and related professionals to add internationally recognised certification to your career experience and profile. Business Analysis plays a pivotal role within an organisation, helping to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis which has recently undergone a significant review and upgrade, requiring training provider re-accreditation, is now the international industry-recognised certification that truly demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to be an effective Business Analyst.
The BCS Business Analyst education programme takes a modular approach to delivering theory, practical application and specialist learning. Rigorous assessment, including a peer group review at diploma level, means your BA certification will confirm your role as a vital catalyst for business change. As an Accredited provider of the NEW BCS Diploma Programme we offer the 4 course modules listed below and arrange the exams for each module. On attainment of the 4 certificates with a pass grade in each course exam, candidates can then register to sit the oral peer review exam with the BCS to achieve the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.
Students will have passed 2 of the core BCS Business Analysis certificates, one specialist and one practioner certificates. Students will be expected to have experience or exposure to environments as a business analyst, project manager, change management, quality or a similar role. In addition, students will be expected to have reviewed the diploma syllabus which is a combination of the BCS courses they will have already covered.
We also run a pre-oral exam preparation and refresher session including 1 to 1 mock interviews which will prepare you for the oral exam.

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