An Introduction to Sales Skills

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This course is aimed at those who are new to sales or who need a refresher in the basic skills of effective selling. Participants will develop a personal sales plan that ties in with their KRA’s. Using SMART principles and the Pareto (80:20) principle, participants will learn how to manage their time and territory to maintain ongoing contact with current customers and yet still have the necessary time to continue prospecting and delivering new business. The course deals with how to make appointments and making every call count, effective presentations, negotiation skills, objection handling and how to close the sale.
No specific pre-requisites.
Where do you get customers?:
Where is your market?
Put a contact plan in place
Know your numbers
Prospecting and business development:
Know your target market?
Have a plan for making calls and appointments
Time & territory management and journey planning:
Categorising customers
Effective Time Management
Managing your sales territory
Mapping your territory and planning your route
Sales presentation skills:
Plan your approach
Canned Presentation versus Off The Cuff
Selling the benefits
Establishing customer needs:
Planning your questions
Practice active listening
Presenting the solution:
How to put the story across in customer language
Answering customer objections:
Having the answers ready to handle the inevitable objections
Closing the sale:
Natural closing
Different closing techniques
After the sale:
Delivering the promise
Building on your relationships to ensure repeat business