Career Development Training

While traditionally a person's career development was seen as at the behest of and existing within the organisation, the contemporary career is seen as the responsibility of the individual. Organisational changes, including flatter and leaner structures have created a need for adaptable employees and managers who are self directed in their own career development.

In recent years switching occupations has become more commonplace, often initiated and funded by redundancy or driven by the realisation that personal criterion such as work life balance or self fulfilment are important. Even people who remain within the same organisation recognise the limited shelf life of their original education and training and look for ways to increase their self efficacy and enhance their professional persona.

These training courses are designed to provide the participants with up to date and marketable skills which enhance their employability and increase their contribution and value to the organisation.

Negotiation Skills

 Negotiation Skills

Technical Writing

 Introduction to Technical Writing

Time Management & Organisation Skills

 Time Management Skills
 Assertiveness Skills in the Workplace
 Presentation Techniques for Impact

Business Writing

 Business Report Writing
 Creating Effective Business Emails

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