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Please note all of our courses can be customised to meet your requirements and can be delivered in any or our offices or on-site as required.

 Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Boot Camp v2.0
 ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
 CompTIA Network+ Certification
 ASP.NET Using C# (Visual Studio 2010)
 Sharepoint Server 2010 Complete
 Introduction to Installing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
 UNIX Level One
 VMware vSphere: What’s New - V5.5 to V6
 The ITIL Service Design Certificate
 Oracle Financials 11i - Accounts Payable
 UNIX System Administration
 UNIX Level Two
 Agile Project Management
 The ITIL Service Offerings & Agreements Capability Module
 VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure, Manage [V6]
 ITIL Service Transition Lifecycle Module
 SharePoint Designer 2010 Foundation
 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 Administration
 Deploying and Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk
 ITIL Expert Qualification: Continual Service Improvement Certificate
 ITIL Operational Support & Analysis Capability Module
 ITIL Release, Control & Validation Capability Module
 ITIL Service Strategy Lifecycle Module
 PerformancePoint 2010 Designing & Implementing Scorecards and Dashboards
 Sharepoint Designer 2013 Core Essentials
 CompTIA Strata Green IT Support Skills
 VMware vSphere v6: Fast Track
 The ITIL Planning, Protection and Optimisation Certificate
 The ITIL Service Operation Lifecycle Module
 AWK Programming
 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) pt1
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - Level 3
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - Level 2
 SharePoint Designer 2010 Intermediate
 VMware vSphere v6: Optimize and Scale
 Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate
 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) pt2
 SharePoint Designer 2010 Advanced
 Introduction to Small Business Server 2008
 ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle
 Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Intermediate
 Microsoft Windows 7 Foundation
 Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2010 Foundation
 Upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate from Windows XP
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Enterprise Content Management
 Visio 2010 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Advanced
 Linux+ Certification Workshop
 Biztalk Server 2010 for Administrators
 Biztalk Server 2010 ESB for Developers
 Architecting on Amazon Web Services - Advanced Concepts
 Java Enterprise Edition - JEE6
 Microsoft Windows 8 Expert
 Linux Fundamentals
 Big Data on Amazon Web Services
 Security Operations on Amazon Web Services
 VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage v6.0
 Amazon Web Services Business Essentials
 Resilia - Cyber Security Foundation
 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
 WebSphere Portal v8 Programming
 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012
 WebSphere Application Server 8.5 Administration
 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
 VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.2]
 Architecting with Amazon Web Services
 Amazon Web Services Technical Essentials
 DevOps Engineering on Amazon Web Services
 Developing on Amazon Web Services
 Core Solutions of Microsoft Lync Server 2013
 WebSphere Message Broker Administration
 Resilia - Cyber Security Practitioner
 Team Foundation Server 2013 for Administrator and Users
 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
 ITIL Practitioner
 WebSphere Application Server 8.5 Intelligent Management
 WebSphere Message Broker Introduction
 Systems Operations on Amazon Web Services
 Fast Track to WebSphere Portal Server
 WebSphere Application Server Introduction
 Team Foundation Server 2013 Developer Foundations
 Advanced Configuration Management with Ansible
 Administering Red Hat Linux 7 - Part 1
 Ansible Fundamentals
 Administering Red Hat Linux 7 - Part 2
 Administering Red Hat Linux 7 - Part 3
 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
 Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
 NCTA Cloud Architecture
 NCTA Cloud Operations
 NCTA Cloud Technologies
 CyberSec First Responder (CFR): Threat Detection and Response
 Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server
 Active Server Pages (ASP) Training: Level 1
 Active Server Pages (ASP) Training: Level 2
 QuarkXPress 6.0: Level 1
 QuarkXPress 6: Level 2
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Level 1
 Introduction to VBScript
 H T M L 4 . 0 : B a s i c
 Java Script Basic
 QuarkXPress 7: Level 2
 HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 2
 QuarkXPress 7: Level 1
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Level 3
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Level 2
 Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Training: Level 2
 Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Training: Level 1
 Adobe Fireworks CS3
 Adobe Captivate 3.0 Training
 H T M L 4 . 0 : A d v a n c e d
 Adobe Flash CS3 Level 2
 Cascading Style Sheets
 Adobe Captivate 2.0 Training
 HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 1
 HTML 4.01 Web Authoring, Level 3
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Level 1
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - Level 1
 Microsoft Expression Web 2007: Level 1
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Level 2
 Microsoft Expression Web 2007: Level 2
 Adobe Captivate 4
 Adobe Flash CS4: Level 1
 Adobe FrameMaker 8.0 Level 1
 Adobe Flash CS4: Level 2
 Adobe Flash CS4: Level 3
 Adobe Fireworks CS4
 Adobe FrameMaker 8.0 Level 2
 Adobe Photoshop CS6 level 1
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Level 3
 Adobe Illustrator CS6 level 1
 Adobe InDesign CS6 level 1
 QuarkXPress 8 Level 1
 Flash Media Server: Streaming Media Application Development
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level 1
 Adobe InDesign CS6 level 2
 QuarkXPress 8: Level 2
 Comprehensive CSS Training
 Adobe Illustrator CS6 level 2
 Adobe Photoshop CS6 level 2
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 level 2
 CSS3 for Web Designers and Developers
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2014: Part 1
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: Part 1
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: Part 2
 Adobe Photoshop CS6: Part 2
 Adobe InDesign CC 2014: Part 2
 Adobe InDesign CC 2014: Part 1
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2014: Part 2
 Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Part 1
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Part 1
 Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Part 2
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Part 1
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Part 2
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Part 2
 WordPress Core Essentials
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2016 Part 2
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Part 2
 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2016 Part 1
 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Advanced
 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Part 1
 Adobe InDesign CC 2016 Part 2
 Adobe InDesign CC 2016 Part 1
 Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Part 1
 Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Part 2
 ISTQB (ISEB) Foundation Course in Software Testing
 Java Programming
 Python Programming
 Crystal Reports XI: Level 1
 Excel Macros from A to Z using VBA
 ISTQB Certified Tester: Advanced Level Test Analyst
 Crystal Reports XI - Level 2
 Visual Basic.NET Introduction
 Crystal Reports 10: Level 1
 Crystal Reports 10: Level 2
 Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET
 Introduction to VB - Visual Basic 6.0
 Crystal Reports 8.5 - Advanced
 Crystal Reports 9.0: Level 2
 NET Architecture and Programming Using Visual C++
 Advanced Visual Basic 6.0
 Advanced PHP Training
 Crystal Reports 8.5 - Introduction
 Fast Track to Hibernate 3 Developers Workshop
 Crystal Reports 9.0: Level 1
 Introduction to Java Programming
 Intermediate Java Programming
 Business Objects Web Intelligence XI - Introduction
 COBOL Programming
 Javascript Programming
 Hyperion (Brio) Intelligence - Dashboarding Course Curriculum
 Hyperion (Brio) Intelligence - Advanced Topics Course Curriculum
 SQL Programming
 ISTQB Certified Tester: Advanced Level Test Manager
 Advanced C++ Programming
 Hyperion (Brio) Intelligence - Basic Reporting Course Curriculum
 Crystal Reports 2008: Level 1
 PL/1 Programming Course
 Introduction to Programming
 Android Programming - Jelly Bean
 Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET
 Introduction to C
 JavaScript Fundamentals
 Introduction to XML
 Business & User Acceptance Testing Workshop
 Beginning Python
 Object Oriented Programming
 Introduction to PHP
 Hyperion (Brio) 8 Administration Course Curriculum
 Introduction to Oracle 11G Programming
 Introduction to CSS
 Gathering and Documenting User Requirements with Use Cases
 Object-Oriented Programming in C# (Visual Studio 2010)
 PHP and MySQL Overview
 Oracle ADF - Application Development Framework
 Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Introductory Reporter Course
 Access 2007: VBA Programming
 Mastering jQuery
 Crystal Reports 2008: Level 2
 Crystal Reports 2011: Level 1
 Test-Driven Development in Java
 Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course
 Introduction to Agile Programming
 Word 2007: VBA Programming
 ASP.NET using C# (VS 2013)
 SharePoint 2013 Power User
 C# Essentials (Visual Studio 2010)
 Advanced Java Programming
 Crystal Reports Server 2008
 Oracle Database 11g R2: SQL Tuning
 Pattern-Based Software Development in Java
 CompTIA A+ Accelerated course for 220-901 & 220-902 exams
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using C#
 Oracle Database 11g R2: Architecture & Internals
 Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio
 Introduction to Xcelsius 2008
 Oracle Database 11g R2: SQL Tuning, Architecture & Internals
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using Visual Basic.NET
 Business Objects Web Intelligence XI Reporter Course
 Web Application Bootcamp
 Python I: Essentials
 ASP.NET MVC 3 Using C#
 BusinessObjects XI R1/R2: Universe Design
 Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript
 Test-Driven Development Using NUnit
 Object Oriented Programming in Visual Basic (VS 2010)
 .NET Framework Using C# (Visual Studio 2010)
 Advanced Software Test
 WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Administration on Linux
 Pragmatic Business Analysis
 LoadRunner 11.0 Essentials
 Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Test & Lab Management
 Object-Oriented Programming in C# (Visual Studio 2013)
 WebSphere Process Server v7.0 Administration
 Administering Team Foundation Server 2010
 ASP.NET Using Visual Basic (VS 2010)
 WebSphere Process Server 7.0 Programming Using WebSphere Integration Developer
 Succeeding with Agile and Scrum
 C++11 Programming - upgrade course
 C# Essentials (VS2012)
 Crystal Reports 2011: Level 2
 ADO.NET Using C# (VS 2010)
 Object-Oriented Programming in C# (VS2012)
 Comptia A+220-802 - 2012 syllabus
 ISTQB Certified Tester: Foundation Level Extension - Agile Tester
 Introduction to Hyperion Designer
 SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.1 Reporter Course
 Silverlight 4 Using Visual Basic (VS 2010)
 Visual Basic Essentials (VS 2010)
 ADO.NET for Web Applications Using C# (VS 2010)
 Crystal Reports 2013: Part 1
 BizTalk Server 2010 for Developers
 XML Programming Using Visual Basic and .NET (VS 2010)
 ASP.NET AJAX Using C# (VS 2010)
 Creating CodedUI Tests in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
 Using Quality Center 10 Premier Edition
 Introduction to Quality Center 10
 Fast Track to SOA and Java Web Services
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using Visual Basic (VS2010)
 XML for Web Applications Using C# (VS 2010)
 XML Programming Using C# and .NET (VS 2010)
 Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio and C# (Visual Studio 2013)
 Fast Track to Spring 3.x and Spring MVC/REST
 XML for Web Applications Using Visual Basic (VS 2010)
 ISTQB Certified Tester, Advanced Level: Technical Test Analyst
 Test-Driven Development Using NUnit and C# (Visual Studio 2013)
 WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Administration on Windows
 .NET Framework Using C# (VS2012)
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using C# (VS2010)
 Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2010 Advanced
 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
 ASP.NET AJAX Using C# (VS2013)
 Oracle OBIEE Queries and Reports for End Users
 Microsoft Windows 8 Foundation
 Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2010 Intermediate
 .NET Framework Essentials Using C# (VS2012)
 C# Essentials (Visual Studio 2013)
 Administering Windows Server 2012
 Microsoft Windows 8 Intermediate
 Web Services Using C# and .NET (VS 2010)
 Microsoft Windows 8 Advanced
 Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic (VS2012)
 Web Services Using C# and ASP.NET (VS2008)
 Test-Driven Development Using NUnit and C# (VS 2015)
 .NET Framework Using C# Visual Studio 2013
 .NET Framework Essentials Using Visual Basic (VS2012)
 Access 2013 Programming
 ASP.NET MVC Using C#(VS2013)
 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using C# Visual Studio 2013
 Object-Oriented Programming in C# (VS 2015)
 Enterprise iPhone and iPad Programming using iOS 7
 WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Overview for Managers
 Introduction to XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0
 .NET Framework Using Visual Basic (VS2012)
 Fast Track to Spring 4
 Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio and C# (VS 2015)
 Introduction to Java Spring Framework
 .NET Framework Essentials Using C# Visual Studio 2013
 Test-Driven Development in C++
 Windows Communication Foundation Using C# (VS 2013)
 Introduction to JavaScript
 Certified Agile Tester
 Advanced JavaScript Programming
 Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery
 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions
 Fast Track to Java EE 5 with Servlets,JSP & JDBC on Tomcat/Eclipse
 AngularJS Programming
 .NET Framework Essentials Using C# (VS 2015)
 Advanced Business Analysis---Object Oriented Analysis and Design - OOAD - with UML
 ASP.NET MVC Using C# (VS 2015)
 Crystal Reports 2013: Part 2
 .NET Framework Using C# (VS 2015)
 Visual Basic Essentials (VS2012)
 ASP.NET Web API Essentials Using C# (VS 2013)
 Web Services Using C# and .NET (VS2013)
 Windows Communication Foundation Using C#
 Fast Track to Java 8 and OO Development
 Ajax for Java Developers
 Windows Presentation Foundation Using C# VS 2015
 Fast Track to EJB 3.1 and JPA2
 C# Essentials (VS 2015)
 Intermediate Java 7 and OO Development
 Fast Track to Java 7 and OO Development
 Complete Hibernate and Java Persistence API
 Windows Communication Foundation Using C# VS 2015
 Software Testing with Visual Studio 2013
 ADO.NET for Web Applications Using C# (VS 2015)
 ASP.NET Using C# (VS 2015)
 ADO.NET Using C# (VS 2015)
 C++ Programming
 Python for Scientists
 Intermediate C++ Programming
 Ruby on Rails
 Docker Fundamentals
 Ruby Programming
 Introduction to Java for Non-C Programmers
 .NET Core Frameworks
 Object-Oriented Perl
 jQuery Fundamentals
 Windows Workflow Foundation Using C# (VS 2015)
 SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course
 ASP.NET Web Pages Using C#
 Data Mining: Predictive Analytics with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Excel Using PowerPivot and the Data Mining Add-ins
 3 Day Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Developer
 Beginning Perl
 Perl Programming on UNIX
 Advanced Perl Programming
 Advanced CSS
 CGI Programming Using Perl
 Advanced Python
 Python II: Applied Python
 2 Day Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Administration
 Intermediate Perl
 Power BI Desktop
 Fast Track to EJB 3.2 (JEE 7) & JPA2
 Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas
 Discovering the Power of Excel 2010-2013 PowerPivot Data Analytic Expressions (DAX)
 Java SE 8 Programming
 Introduction to Oracle 12c PL/SQL Programming
 Microsoft Power BI Interactive Data Visualizations
 Microsoft Power BI Online
 Introduction to Oracle 12c SQL Programming
 Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map, and Power BI
 Scrum Master
 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
 Using Java 8 New Features
 Introduction to Cassandra for Developers
 Mastering JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming
 Introduction to Rabbit MQ for Programmers
 Java SE 8 Fundamentals
 Developing Secure Universal Windows Platform Apps in C# and XAML
 Introduction to Spark Programming
 Programming in C#
 What's New in Java 8
 Test-Driven Development using Cucumber
 Building Microservices in Java with Spring Boot
 Oracle Certified Java Associate, Java 8
 Angular 2 Development
 Java Enterprise Edition 7 Development
 Java Test-Driven Development
 C++11 and C++14 Development
 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
 Oracle Database 10g: Introduction To SQL - Part I
 Implementing and Maintaining SQL Server 2005
 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
 Oracle SQL Tuning Masterclass with Dan Hotka
 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
 Writing Transact SQL (T-SQL) Queries in SQL Server 2005
 Oracle Database 10g: SQL Tuning
 Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases 2012/2014
 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I
 Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals II – Develop Program Units
 Oracle Discoverer 4.1 for Power Users
 Transact SQL (T-SQL) Server 2008 for Developers
 Oracle - AS Discoverer 10g: Create Queries and Reports (Windows)
 Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL
 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I - Complete Library
 Oracle 9i Performance Tuning for DBAs
 SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
 Oracle 9i BACKUP and RECOVERY for DBA`s
 Oracle BI : AS Discoverer 10g: Develop an EUL
 Introduction to TOAD for Oracle
 Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals - Complete Library
 Oracle 9i Introduction to PL/SQL
 Oracle Database 10g: Program with PL/SQL - Level 1
 Oracle BI : AS Discoverer 10g: Create Queries and Reports (Web)
 Oracle Database 10g: Advanced PL/SQL Programming & Tuning
 Oracle Database 10g: Program with PL/SQL - Level 2
 Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL - Part II
 Oracle Business Intelligence (BI): Create Reports & Interactive Dashboards
 Oracle 9i DBA I
 Oracle 9i Networking for DBA`s
 Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques
 Oracle 9i PL/SQL Foundations
 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
 Oracle 4i Discoverer Plus (Web)
 Oracle Discoverer 4i Desktop Edition
 Oracle Discoverer 4.1 Desktop User Edition
 MySQL Administration and Development
 Oracle 9i Data Warehouse Administration
 Oracle 9i Foundations: SQL & SQL *Plus Basics
 Oracle 9i Intermediate PL/SQL
 Oracle 9i Discoverer Desktop For End Users
 Oracle Discover 4i Administration
 Oracle Discoverer 3.1 End User Edition
 Transact SQL (T-SQL) 2005 With Advanced Topics
 Oracle Database 10g: Implement Partitioning
 Implementing Oracle XML Applications
 SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Programming
 Oracle 9i Developer Form Builder
 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Developer 1 Workshop
 Oracle 9i DBA II
 Oracle Database 10g: Architecture for Developers
 Oracle Database 10g: Administration II
 SQL Server 2012 for Developers
 Oracle Database 10g: Implement Parallel SQL & Partitioning
 Oracle 9i Foundations: SQL & SQL *Plus
 Oracle Discover 3.1 For Administrators
 Advanced PL/SQL Tips and Techniques
 Oracle Foundation: Relational Database Design
 Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals I
 Oracle9i Discoverer Desktop
 Oracle Database 10g Implement & Administer Data Warehouses I
 Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I
 Oracle Reports 9i
 Oracle 10g Forms III: New Features and Web Deployment
 1Z0-051: Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I - Exam
 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals II
 Introduction to Oracle 11G PL/SQL Programming
 Oracle Discoverer Administration for the E-Business Suite
 Relational Database Design
 Introduction to Oracle9i: Advanced SQL
 Oracle 10g Forms I: Build Internet Applications
 Oracle9i Database Architecture & Administration
 Oracle Reports 10g: Build Reports
 SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
 Oracle9i Discoverer for Administrators
 Oracle Database 10g: New & Advanced Features For Developers
 Oracle9i Discoverer For Power Users
 Test Course
 1Z0-052: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I - Exam
 Oracle R12 Financials - Applications Overview
 Oracle Database 10g: Implement Parallel SQL & Partitioning For Data Warehouses
 Oracle 11G Database Administration
 Oracle Financials 11i General Ledger Functional Configuration
 MySQL Administration
 TOAD For Developers
 Introduction to Oracle 11G SQL Programming
 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014
 Oracle Reports 10g: Build Reports
 Oracle10g SQL Introduction to SQL Part II
 Oracle Financials 11i System Administration
 Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing & Oracle Warehouse Builder
 Introduction to Oracle9i: PL/SQL Language
 MySQL Development Training
 Oracle Financials 11i Accounts Receivable
 Oracle Financials 11i Purchasing Functional Configuration
 Oracle Financials 11i General Ledger
 Oracle 10g Forms I: Build Internet Applications
 SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
 Oracle 11G new Features Workshop
 Xcelsius Engage 2008
 Oracle Financials 11i Purchasing
 Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
 Oracle 10g Forms II: Customize Internet Applications
 Oracle Database 10g: Implement and Administer Data Warehouses I
 MySQL Optimization Training
 Oracle Database 11g: Backup & Recovery
 Oracle Database 11g R1 & R2: New Features For Administrators
 Oracle 11g SQL for Report Writers
 Designing Self-Service Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions
 Oracle Database 12c: SQL I Introduction
 Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL I Introduction
 Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014
 Oracle Application Express (APEX) for Developers
 Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL II Intermediate: Develop Program Units
 Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques
 Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop
 SQL Server 2014 for Developers
 Data Modeling: Logical Database Design
 Oracle Database 12c: Architecture & Internals
 Oracle Fundamentals 5-day Workshop
 Oracle Database 11g R2: Advanced PL/SQL Programming & Tuning
 Oracle Database 12c: Install & Upgrade Workshop
 Oracle12c New Features
 Oracle Database 12c: SQL II Intermediate
 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for Oracle DBAs
 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: Install & Upgrade Workshop
 SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
 SQL Server 2016 for Developers
 SQL Server 2012/2014 Reporting Services
 Oracle Database Administration 12c Course
 Oracle Database Recovery Manager 12c Workshop
 Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL III - Advanced Programming & Tuning
 Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
 Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop II
 Oracle Database 12c: Manage The Multitenant Architecture
 Oracle Database 12c: New Features For Administrators
 Oracle Database 12c: Resource Manager & Scheduler
 Oracle Database 12c: Backup & Recovery Workshop
 Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques
 Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL III – Advanced Programming & Tuning
 Oracle Virtualization & Linux Administration QuickStart
 Toad Data Point for End Users
 SQL Querying: Advanced
 Querying Data with Transact-SQL
 SQL Querying: Fundamentals
 Querying with T-SQL in SQL Server
 Big Data Overview
 Excel 2010: Intermediate
 Automating Analysis with Advanced features of MS Excel
 Professional Data Analysis & Report Design with Excel
 Programming in VBA - Using Microsoft Excel 2010/2013/2016
 Excel 2007 Intermediate
 Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016
 Excel 2010: Foundation
 Excel 2010: Advanced
 European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
 Excel 2007 Advanced
 Business Plan Modelling using Excel
 Excel 2007 Expert
 Computer Keyboard Skills
 Project 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Level 2
 Excel 2007 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Level 1
 SharePoint 2007 Complete
 Access 2007 Intermediate
 Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Level 3
 Access 2007 Expert
 Microsoft Office Access 2007: Level 2
 Microsoft Office Access 2007: Level 1
 Project 2007 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Project 2007: Level 1
 Rolling Forecasts with Excel 2010
 Introduction to Computers
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007: Level 2
 Access 2007 Advanced
 Visio 2007 Complete
 Access 2007 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Access 2007: Level 3
 Project 2007 - Intermediate
 Project 2010 Foundation
 Excel 2013 Core Essentials
 Access 2010 Intermediate
 PowerPoint 2007 Foundation
 Windows Vista - Introduction
 Sharepoint Server 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Office Project 2007: Level 2
 PowerPoint 2007 - Intermediate
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: Level 2
 Microsoft Office Word 2007: Level 2
 Upgrading To Microsoft Office Excel 2007
 Excel PowerPivot 2013 Calc Introduction Writer Advanced
 Access 2010 Advanced
 Windows Vista - Advanced
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007: Level 1
 PowerPoint 2010 Advanced
 Project 2010 Intermediate
 PowerPoint 2010: Intermediate
 Project 2007 - Advanced
 PowerPoint 2010 Foundation
 Computer Basics - Intermediate
 Computer Basics - Expert
 Computer Basics - Introduction
 Outlook 2007 - Intermediate
 Windows Vista - Expert
 Windows Vista - Intermediate
 PowerPoint 2007 - Advanced
 Microsoft Office Word 2007: Level 3
 Computer Basics - Advanced
 Word 2007 - Foundation Calc Advanced
 Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007 - Level 2 Writer Introduction
 Project 2007 - Expert
 Word 2007 - Advanced
 Excel 2013 - Advanced
 Microsoft Office Word 2007: Level 1
 Word 2007 - Intermediate
 Word 2010 Foundation
 PowerPoint 2007 - Expert
 Introduction to Monarch Pro Impress
 Outlook 2007 - Advanced
 Word 2010 Intermediate
 Word 2010 Advanced
 Microsoft Office Access 2010 Foundation
 Outlook 2007 - Expert
 Microsoft Project 2010: Level 1
 Word 2007 - Expert
 Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007: Level 1
 Publisher 2007 - Intermediate
 Publisher 2007 - Foundation
 Project 2010 Advanced
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: Level 3
 Upgrading To Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
 Outlook 2007 - Foundation
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Intermediate
 Upgrading To Microsoft Office Word 2007
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: Level 1
 Excel 2013 - Intermediate
 Publisher 2007 - Advanced
 Upgrading To Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
 Publisher 2007 - Expert
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Foundation
 User Essentials for Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007
 Creating a Dynamite Presentation with PowerPoint 2007
 Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Foundation
 Time Management and Excel 2007
 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Intermediate
 Integrating with Word, Excel, and Access 2007
 Internet Marketing using Social Media Tools
 Time Management and Outlook
 Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Excel 2013 - Foundation
 Publisher 2010 Foundation
 Data Visualisation with Excel and PowerPoint
 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Publisher 2010 Advanced
 Visio 2013 - Intermediate
 Project 2013 - Foundation
 Publisher 2010 Intermediate
 Access 2013 - Foundation
 Microsoft Office 365 - Introduction
 Upgrading to Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Complete
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Advanced
 Access 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Foundation
 Access 2013 - Intermediate
 Upgrading to Microsoft Office Access 2010 Complete
 Access 2013 - Advanced
 Visio 2013 - Foundation
 Project 2013 - Intermediate
 Visio 2013 Core Essentials
 Project 2013 - Advanced
 Upgrading to Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Complete
 Microsoft Excel 2010 PowerPivot
 Microsoft Office 2016 Transition from Office 2007/2010
 OneNote 2013 Core Essentials
 Outlook 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced Essentials
 PowerPivot for Excel
 Microsoft Outlook 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft Access 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2013 Core Essentials
 Word 2013 Core Essentials
 PowerPoint 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Business Contact Manager 2010 Complete
 Microsoft OneNote 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 - level 1
 Microsoft Office Excel 2011 Level 2 Macintosh
 Microsoft Office Word 2016 - Intermediate
 Test-Driven Development Using NUnit and C#
 Publisher 2013 Core Essentials
 Microsoft Publisher 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio and C#
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 - Intermediate
 Word 2013 Level 4 Macros and VBA
 Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Advanced
 Microsoft Project 2013 Expert
 Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps and Collaboration for Office 2013
 Microsoft Lync 2013
 Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Expert
 Power BI Desktop - Introduction
 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 - Foundation
 Microsoft Office Word 2016 - Advanced
 Microsoft Office Excel 2008 Level 1 Macintosh
 Microsoft Office Excel 2011 Level 1 Macintosh
 Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Advanced Essentials
 Microsoft Office Excel 2008 Level 2 Macintosh
 Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Dashboards
 Microsoft Office Access 2016 Intermediate
 Microsoft Visio 2013 Expert
 Microsoft Office Access 2016 Foundation
 Microsoft Office Word 2016 Foundation
 Microsoft Visio 2016 level 1
 Microsoft Project 2016 - Part 2
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 level 2
 Microsoft Project 2016 - Part 1
 Microsoft SharePoint 2016: Site User
 Microsoft SharePoint 2016: Site Owner
 SharePoint 2016 Power User
 CyberSAFE (Securing Assets For End-users)
 Microsoft Visio 2016 Part 2
 Microsoft SharePoint 2016: Advanced Site Owner with Workflow Administration
 Microsoft Visio 2016 Part 1
 Microsoft Visio 2016 Part 2
 Microsoft Office 2016 - Transition from Office 2007/2010
 Office 2007 to 2016 Overview
 Sage Line 50 Financial Controller - Advanced
 Sage Line 50 Financial Controller - Intermediate
 Sage Line 50 Financial Controller - Introduction
 Professional Training Thesaurus Payroll course
 Sage Quickpay (1 Day Course)
 Sage Line 50 Accounts Stage 1: The Accounting Fundamentals
 Sage Instant Accounts Day 1
 Sage Line 50 Introduction and Setup
 Sage Line 50 Report Writer
 Sage Line 50 Accounts Stage 3: Invoicing, Stock and Order Processing
 Sage Line 50 Accounts Stage 2: The Essential Period End Routines
 Sage Instant Accounts Day 2
 Microsoft Project 2010: Level 2
 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
 VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage V6.2
 Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 - Foundation
 Underwater Welding
 Communications and Customer Service Excellence
 Customer Service for technical support staff
 Providing Technical Support
 Professional Telephone Techniques
 Help Desk Analyst
 Managing the Customer Service Experience
 Telephone Techniques for Community Based Organisations
 Serving a Diverse Customer Base
 Representing the Values - Customer Service Workshop for Community and Voluntary Groups
 Business Writing for Credit Union Staff
 Representing the Values - Member service Workshop
 Telephone Techniques for Credit Union Staff
 Credit control and debt collection
 Building Effective Financial Models
 Applied Finance for non-Financial Managers
 Applied Finance for non-financial managers - 2 day
 Internal Audit Committee training for Credit Unions
 Working Smart Personal Effectiveness Training
 Organisation and Meeting Management Skills
 What Effective Managers Really Do
 The ABCs of Supervising Others
 Moving into a Management Role
 Performance appraisal Training for Line Managers
 Effective Team Management
 Facilitation & Meetings Skills for Line Managers
 Credit Management Representative Training
 Collaboration and Innovation Workshop for Operational Managers
 How Customer Service Leads to Competitive Advantage
 Time Management using MS Outlook
 Resolving Conflict at Work
 Lean Process Improvement
 Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
 Effective Decision Making
 Receptionist and Frontline Staff Training
 Organizational and Meeting Management Skills using MS Outlook
 Diversity Training for Managers
 Diversity training for supervisors
 Competency Based Interviewing Skills
 Communication Techniques for new managers or team leads
 Behavioural Interviewing Skills
 Managing Team Meetings
 Training Skills For Internal Trainers
 Translating and communicating the corporate or team strategy
 Influencing for results
 Essential Management Skills
 Managing Meetings
 LEAN Business Finance for Technical teams
 Data Protection Foundation: An Introduction to Data Protection
 Train the Trainer
 Team Building Techniques
 Disciplinary and Grievance Skills for non-HR Managers
 Performance Appraisal
 Train the IT Trainer
 Facilitation Skills for IT Staff
 Train the IT Trainer Advanced Workshop
 Anger Management at work
 Facilitation Skills
 QQI Level 6 NEW Train the Trainer Certification in Training Delivery & Evaluation (6N3326)
 Facilitation Skills for Human Resource Professionals
 Facilitation Skills for Trainers
 Developing Training Courses for community groups
 Employee Accountability
 Avoiding Unfair Dismissals
 Telephone Sales Techniques
 Key Account Management
 Inside Sales Skills: Script development and handling objections
 Inside Sales Skills: Call handling techniques and managing yourself
 An Introduction to Sales Skills
 PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner
 PRINCE 2 - Foundation
 PMP Certification
 Change Management For Managers
 Project Management Essentials 1 Day
 PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP®) Exam Preparation
 Project Management Per PMBOK
 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
 PMP Exam Preparation
 Assessing and Managing Project Risk
 Managing Global Projects
 Program Management Accreditation Course (PgMP Certification)
 Effective Planning & Scheduling
 Managing Successful Programmes Foundation Course
 Project Management Essentials 3 Days
 Project Management Essentials 2 Days
 PRINCE2 Agile
 PRINCE2 Practitioner
 Recruitment and Interviewing Skills
 Business Report Writing
 Leadership Skills
 Business Report Writing - Advanced
 Coaching to improve Performance
 Conducting Performance Reviews
 Preparing your staff for the Performance Review
 Training skills and Techniques for managers
 Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams
 Creating a Framework for Decision making
 Creating Effective Business Emails
 Applied Technical Writing
 Business Writing
 Leadership Coaching Skills Certificate
 Assertiveness Skills in the Workplace
 Introduction to Technical Writing
 Negotiation Skills
 Time Management Skills
 Presentation Techniques for Impact
 Where are you on your career's learning curve
 Managing your team through the recession
 Creating a Dynamite Presentation with PowerPoint 2007
 Professional Effectiveness: Managing work pressures and stress
 BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice
 BCS Business Analysis Foundation Level Certificate
 BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Process
 BCS Certificate in Business Requirements Engineering
 Structured Problem Solving
 BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing
 British Computer Society (BCS) International Diploma in Business Analysis
 BCS Business Analysis Oral Diploma Interview Exam: Prep and Revision workshop