Visio 2013 - Foundation

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Microsoft Office Visio 2013 is the newest version of Microsoft`s diagramming application. Whether you`re using Visio for the first time, or have been using it for years, this introductory course will help you make the most of Visio’s exciting features. Highlights of the course include a complete review of the new ribbon-based interface, plus a complete walkthrough of creating your own ribbon tabs. We will also explore how to set up a new diagram, creating a basic diagram, using the new Auto Connect feature, and accessing Visio’s many templates and sample diagrams.
Participants should be familiar with using personal computers and have used a mouse and keyboard (basic typing skills are recommended). They should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on their computer. Specifically, students should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders
To learn basic features of Microsoft Visio: using stencils, adding and modifying and linking shapes, working with text.
1. Using Visio Basics:
Starting Visio
Using Stencils
Using Toolbars
Using the Shape Explorer
Moving Between Pages in a Drawing
Adding, Reordering, and Deleting Pages
Saving a Visio File
Using Print Preview
Using Page Setup
Printing a Drawing
2. Creating a Drawing:
Starting a Drawing
Adding Master Shapes to a Drawing
Selecting Shapes
Zooming In and Out in the Drawing
3. Connecting Shapes:
Understanding Shapes Components
Using Connectors
Connecting Shapes Automatically
Manipulating Connectors
Using the Connector Tool
Using Control Handles
Adding Connection Points
4. Working with Text:
Adding Text to Shapes
Creating Text-Only Shapes
Editing Existing Text
Modifying a Text Block
Formatting Text
5. Working with Shapes:
Using the Drawing Tools
Resizing Shapes
Formatting Shapes
Moving Shapes
Copying Shapes
6. Manipulating Shapes:
Rotating Shapes
Aligning Shapes
Distributing Shapes
Creating and Using Guides
7. Altering Shapes:
Changing the Stacking Order of Shapes
Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
Changing Page Shapes Colours Using Themes