Using Quality Center 10 Premier Edition

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This course focuses on the features of Quality Center 10 Premier edition. Students learn to utilize features such as customization, libraries and reporting across projects. We will also cover defect sharing across projects.
Quality Center 10 Essentials course
Working knowledge of:
Testing concepts
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
- Enforce policy across projects using cross-project customization.
- Share assets across projects.
- Share defects across projects.
- Generate cross-project reports.
- Quality Center Editions
- Common Usage Models
- Overview of Premier Edition
Cross-Project Customization:
- Developing centralized policies
- Defining user roles
- Creating template projects
- Applying customization to projects
- Best practices on policy enforcement
Asset Sharing:
- Importing libraries
- Comparing imported assets
- Synchronizing assets
- Best practices on asset reuse
Defect sharing:
- Sharing components
- Defect sharing workflow
- Defining a hub project
- Creating and customizing synchronizer links
- Status and shared field synchronization
- Best practices on cross-project defect sharing
Cross-Project Reporting:
- Creating cross-project graphs
- Avoiding defect duplication in cross-project reporting
- Best practices on cross-project reporting