Upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate from Windows XP

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If you purchased a new computer with Windows 7 or have upgraded your existing computer, there are many new features and interface changes over Windows XP. For example, navigation in Windows 7 has been streamlined and categorized in such a way that would appeal to a new computer user. In fact, Windows 7 has been touted by many third-party reviewers as the version of Windows Vista that should have been released. However, this way of making things `easier` can be a challenge for an upgrading user to get used to.
Participants should be familiar with Windows Vista and want to explore the new features in Windows 7.
How You Will Benefit:
You will be able to recognize and use the new features of Windows 7 over those of Windows XP
You will be able to use the new file structure and make the most of Libraries
You will learn about security and parental controls that will help keep your family and your data safe
You will experience the best of the Internet with Internet Explorer 8 and different Windows Live services
You will learn how to make older programs work with Windows 7 and failing that, learn how to install and use a virtual machine containing a full-featured version of Windows XP Professional
Getting Started:
The Basics of Windows
A Quick Look at Windows 7
Windows 7 Ultimate Programs
Exiting Windows 7
Other Windows 7 Features:
Using Gadgets
The Basics of Internet Explorer 8
Doing More with Internet Explorer 8
Windows XP Mode
Mobility Features
The Windows 7 Applications:
Windows Media Center
Windows Media Player
Windows DVD Maker
Using Windows Defender
Customization, Networking, and Security:
Customization, Networking, and Security
Setting Accessibility Options
Overview of Networking
Networking Tasks
Staying Safe
Keeping your Family Safe
Troubleshooting your Computer:
Backing Up Your Computer
Troubleshooting Your Computer with the Action Center
Using System Restore
Hard Disk Management Utilities