Quick Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 Integration Services

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This two-day SSIS instructor-led course is intended for those that are new to SQL Server Integration Services or are interested in learning the features available. This course uses an instructor-led topic explanation, instructor performing detailed demonstrations, then the student performing exercises to duplicate what the instructor demonstrated. This style of training is a combination of traditional classroom training and mentored learning.
No specific pre-requisites. Prior knowledge of SQL Server is expected.
SQL Server Integration Services Architecture:
Version Changes of SSIS From 2008-2012
The SQL Server Integration Service
Understanding Packages
Managing with Control Flow
Moving Data with Data Flow
Understanding Variables
Understanding Parameters
SQL Server Integration Services Tools:
Utilizing the Import/Export Wizard
Working in the Explore Window
Creating SQL Server Integration Services Packages
Utilizing Connection Managers
SQL Server Integration Services Tasks:
Coding the Script Task
Looping and Sequence Tasks
Utilizing Data Preparation Tasks
Data Loading with the Analysis Services Tasks
Using the Workflow Tasks
Managing SQL with the SQL Tasks
Administration of SQL Using the SQL Management Objects Tasks
Data Flow:
Optimizing Sources for Extraction
Using Destinations and Understanding choices
Examining the Transformation and Other Tasks (about 25 of them)
Variables, Parameters and Expressions:
Creating Dynamic Packages
Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services Data Typing
Define and Use Variables and Parameters
Using Expressions in Packages
Overview of Containers
Utilizing Sequences in a Container
Utilizing Container Loops
Performing Joins:
Performing Joins with the Lookup Transformation
Performing Joins with the Merge Transformation
Utilizing Cache Modes in Joins
Tuning SQL Server Integration Services Packages:
Examining the SSIS Engine
Using the Best Practices
Debugging SQL Server Integration Services Packages:
Designing to Troubleshoot: Using Precedence Constraints
Working with Advanced Logging and Reporting
Handling Errors
Common SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns:
Choosing the Script Task or Script Component
Working with XML
Using Package Hierarchies: Parent Child
Understanding Deployment Strategies