Project 2010 Advanced

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This course considers the more advanced features of Project 2010 and how to make practical use of them, including Gantt chart customisation, resource pools, costing, importing and exporting with drawings and working with multiple projects
To ensure the successful completion of the Advanced course, the completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Project Monitoring Tools:
1. Setting a Project Baseline
Baseline Basics
Saving a Baseline
Viewing a Baseline
Clearing a Baseline
2. Setting an Interim Plan
Setting an Interim Plan
Viewing an Interim Plan
Clearing an Interim Plan
3. On the Critical Path
What is the Critical Path?
How Does Project Determine a Critical Path?
Viewing the Critical Path
Shortening the Critical Path
4. Creating Progress Lines
Displaying the Progress Line
Interpreting a Progress Line
Editing or Removing Progress Lines
Formatting a Progress Line
5. Tracking Progress
About Status Indicators
Tracking Overdue Tasks with Filters
Tracking Completed Tasks
Tracking Tasks by Grouping
6. Working with Variances
Using the Variance Table
Checking for Variances
Work Variances
Cost Variances
Advanced Topics:
1. Advanced Task Operations
Setting Fixed Duration Tasks
Modifying Fixed Tasks
Adding a Hyperlink to a Task
Adding Custom Fields to a Task
2. Project Costs
Setting Currency Options
Entering Costs
Using Cost Rate Tables
About Fixed Costs vs. Cost Resources
Viewing Costs
Manually Updating Costs
3. The Work Breakdown Structure Code
Understanding the WBS Code
Assigning a WBS Code to a Task
Viewing the WBS Code of a Project
Customizing the WBS Code
4. Working with Files
Importing a File
Exporting a File
Organizing the Global Template
Syncing Your Tasks List
Importing Tasks from Outlook
Formatting Your Project:
1. Adding a Shape
Drawing a Shape
Moving a Shape
Resizing a Shape
Deleting a Shape
2. Formatting a Shape
Changing the Order of Shapes
Changing the Line Color
Changing the Fill Color
Attaching a Drawing to a Task
3. Formatting the Gantt Chart, Part One
Changing the Text Style
Changing Gridline Settings
Choosing a Layout
Formatting Columns
4. Formatting the Gantt Chart, Part Two
Formatting Bars and Bar Styles
Choosing Tasks to View
Choosing a Baseline
Choosing a Chart Style
Working With Multiple Projects:
1. Versions of Microsoft Project
Project 2010 Standard
Project 2010 Professional
Project Server 2010
Project Web Access
Comparing Project Professional, Standard, and Server
2. Working with Resource Pools
Starting a Resource Pool
Linking a Project to the Pool
Creating a Resource Pool from Multiple Projects
Unlinking a Project from a Resource Pool
Updating a Resource Pool
3. Working with Multiple Projects, Part One
Types of Multiple Projects
Inserting Sub Projects
Unlinking or Removing Sub Projects
Consolidating Projects
4. Working with Multiple Projects, Part Two
Viewing a Master Projectís Critical Path
Saving Baselines for a Master Project
Saving Baselines for a Consolidated Project
Viewing Information for Inserted Projects