Professional Data Analysis & Report Design with Excel

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This course will show experienced Excel users how to operate the package at a higher level and explore its more sophisticated analysis tools. It will also demonstrate how to deliver presentations and reports developed in Excel using Multi-Office techniques (Word and Powerpoint).

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This course is aimed at experienced Excel users.

Who will Benefit?:
- Anyone who has to analyse data using Excel
- Anyone who has to use data which has been analysed in Excel
- Anyone who has to present Excel-based data to an audience
- Using Excel features to a higher level of operation
- Produce more relevant and succinct reports
- Case Study Based approach
- Translation of theory into practice using interactive and participative examples
- All programme content available on line after the session
Course Content:
- Data mining techniques in Excel
- Arrays: to boldly go where no function has gone before!
- Advanced Pivot Table operation
- Operating with Data Tables
- Purpose and use of Standard Excel Add-ins
- Reporting tools in Excel and best practice for them
- Linking reports to other Office Media for best effect
- Create an Excel based PowerPoint show