Oracle Reports 9i

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This course discusses the following topics: The use of Oracle reports in a client-server environment or a web environment. The default reports that can be built with Oracle Reports. The use of wizards to assist in the rapid development of reports. Format and output of reports for the web using the Web Wizard.
Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL or ORA300 - Introduction to Oracle using SQL and PL/SQL class. Experience with GUI tools is a must. Experience with Oracle Forms would be helpful.
Course Content:
Oracle Reports Overview
Run Reports on the Client
Create Tabular Reports
Create From-like Reports
Create Form Letter Reports
Create Mailing Label Reports
Create Break and Master/Detail Reports
Create Matrix Reports
Create or Modify Data Model Groups
Create or Modify Layout Objects
Embed a Chart in a Report
Modify Properties of a Report
Create Report Templates
Run a Report with Parameters
Add Report Triggers
Create Format and Other Triggers
Use the SRW Package
Use the SRW Package
Use the Report using XML
Run a Report using the Report Queue Manager