Oracle Financials 11i - Accounts Payable

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This intensive 3 day Oracle Accounts Payable (AP) course provides an overview of the functional areas within Oracle Financials AP. It will also provide the delegates with tools for establishing and using Oracle AP in the processing and tracking of accounts payable. The course is ideal for those who already use Oracle Financials, those who are upgrading from a previous release or those who are new to Oracle Financials. Additional days of training on Oracle AP can be customized according to any client’s specific Financial Accounts Payable training needs.
Business Knowledge of Accounts Payable
Should have attended an Oracle Financials Navigation Course
Entering Invoices / Credit Memos
Entering Invoices / Credit Memo Distributions
Match an Invoice to a Purchase Order
Match a Credit/Debit Memo to an Invoice
Create a Recurring Invoice
Enter a Prepayment
Apply an Invoice to a Prepayment
Enter and Apply a Prepayment Refund
Enter an Expense Report
Approve Invoices Manually
Approve Invoices Automatically
Modify Invoice Amount
Modify Scheduled Payments
Apply Invoice Holds:
Apply a Hold to a Supplier
Apply a Hold to a Supplier Site
Apply a Hold to an invoice
Apply a Hold to a scheduled payment
Release a Manual Hold
Credit Cards:
Use of Credit Cards for Payments
Pay Invoices:
Manual payment via Invoices Workbench
Manual payment via Payments Workbench
Initiate a Payment Batch
Modify a Payment Batch
Format a Payment Batch
Confirm a Payment Batch
Stop a Payment
Release a Stop Payment
Void a Payment
View Information:
Enquire on a Supplier
Enquire on an Invoice
Enquire on a Payment
Run a Report or Concurrent Process
Monitor Requests
General Ledger Interface:
Transfer Payables to General Ledger
Reconcile Payables to General Ledger
Control Payables Periods