Oracle Database Recovery Manager 12c Workshop

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This Oracle Database Recovery Manager Workshop will provide a comprehensive understanding of the backup and recovery topic. The workshop has an emphasis on the practical requirements for implementing a backup strategy using Recovery Manager (RMAN). The course is suitable for versions of Oracle database up to and including
On the course you will:
Review the Oracle database architecture
Understand backup and recovery requirements
Perform different types of backups
Perform recovery of the different database file types
Oracle Architecture Review:
Oracle Components
The Oracle Instance
The Oracle Database
Oracle Processes
The Listener
Backup Management :
Understanding ARCHIVELOG Mode
Understanding Recovery Manager (RMAN)
Persistent Configuration Parameters
Performing Backups
Performing Recovery:
Recovering from the loss of Control Files
Recovering from the loss of Redo Log Files
Recovering from the loss of Data Files
Performing Flashback:
Understanding Flashback requirements
Understanding Flashback options